Two full electric buses from Rampini were delivered to the city of Marburg (Germany) on Tuesday, July 11. This delivery follows the one made in 2021 of two E80 models, which initiated the city’s decarbonization strategy.

In the presence of Thomas Spies and Nadine Bernshausen, the highest institutional authorities of the city, and the management of Rampini, the two new buses were handed over to Holger Armbrüster and Bernhard Müller, CEOs of Stadtwerke Marburg, during the press event. Caterina Rampini, Vice President and CEO of Rampini, stated: “We are honored to be able to deliver a second batch of electric buses with new technology to the beautiful city of Marburg. Eltron is an extremely compact and maneuverable bus, and it’s also completely ‘made in Europe’. We are proud that our buses represent the basis for the progressive decarbonization of the city of Marburg.

The new Eltron not only features innovative design and aesthetics but also an improved technology. For example, it is equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries on the roof, provided by the global market leader CATL, with a 281 kWh capacity. The new model is equipped with a highly efficient synchronous motor, centrally positioned, with a peak power of 240 kW. Its range of 340 kilometers is unmatched in its segment, as is the turning radius of 14.8 meters, which is optimal for public transportation in urban centers. Additionally, the bus introduces a camera system to replace conventional mirrors for the first time.

Positive experience with e-buses 

Stadtwerke Marburg believes in the benefits gained through the use of electric buses. In 2021, the public transportation company in Marburg introduced two Rampini electric buses, named after two important historical figures of the city: “Emil” and “Elisa”. Wolfgang Otto, CEO of Marburger Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG), the company that, in collaboration with the Verein Nahverkehrsgeschichte Marburg e.V. (Historical Association of Local Transportation in Marburg), organized a one and a half hour tour on the streets of Marburg aboard the new Rampini Eltron. During the presentation, he explained: “One of the strengths of these vehicles is their maneuverability, especially on the steep route leading to the castle on Line 10. The maneuverability and driving experience have been positively rated by our drivers, while our passengers appreciate the high levels of comfort.”

Zero-impact bus transportation by 2030 

We thank Rampini for the collaboration and eagerly await the commissioning of the new buses. For Stadtwerke Marburg, this is another important step towards zero-impact transportation by 2030,” explained the CEOs of Stadtwerke, Holger Armbrüster and Bernhard Müller.

In 2024, Marburg is expecting the arrival of another electric bus, which will bring the fleet to a total of five zero-impact buses that will serve on lines 10, 16, and 20. By 2025, Stadtwerke Marburg has already planned to put more e-buses into service, reaching a fleet of 16 electric buses. This choice will require an expansion of the charging infrastructure


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