Volvo Trucks is now launching a new service that lets haulers find and access the charging stations. The service will first be launched in Sweden, with other markets in Europe and other parts of the world to follow. 

A national network of public fast chargers for heavy electric trucks is opening in Sweden. The charging network is powered by renewable energy. The new service from Volvo Trucks makes it easy for haulers to find and access the charging stations.

A network for fast charging of electric trucks is a key part of the transition to more sustainable heavy transportation. In Sweden, some 130 charging stations in total are planned to open in 2023 and 2024. The stations are operated by several different companies, and Volvo Trucks is one of the partners involved.

This is a real breakthrough for the electrification of heavy transport. Our customers will be able to access public fast chargers all around Sweden, and as a result going electric is easier than ever,” says Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.

The new service is open to all truck brands and displays all charging stations suitable for heavy duty vehicles, regardless of who operates them. The user can pay for charging via the new platform: in the near future, booking of charging time will also be possible.

Customers will be able to obtain reliable information about where to find charging stations for heavy electric trucks, and they can be assured that they are paying a fair market price with no hidden fees. With the possibility to plan the route ahead in a good way and a minimum of administration, I am convinced that this is an important step towards making electric trucks even more popular with fleet owners,” says Roger Alm. 

Volvo Trucks is working closely with charge point operators around the world to expand the charging network and the service as seamlessly and quickly as possible. 

Volvo Trucks, an integral part of Volvo Group, is also building charging infrastructure via Milence, a joint venture formed with Daimler Truck and the Traton Group. The partnership will result in the installation and operation of at least 1,700 high-performance green energy charging points on, and close to, highways as well as at logistics hubs across Europe. The infrastructure will offer charging to all heavy-duty battery electric vehicles, regardless of brand.

How Volvo Trucks’ charging service works

The charging service is part of Volvo Connect, Volvo Trucks’ interface for digital services. The customer can find and pay for the charging via Volvo Connect and a mobile app. A digital map shows the charging stations and if they are available. In the near future booking of charging time will be possible.

The charging service is part of Volvo Connect, Volvo Trucks’ interface for digital services. When arriving at a charging station, the customer uses a card or a mobile app for identification and to start the charging. The customer receives one, consolidated invoice. 


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