Aquafighter from DieselCare AS is announcing partnerships with leading generator equipment and service providers Pritchard of Canada and GenServe of New York City. DieselCare AS is also seeking further distributors and service partners across North America to bring the industry-changing Aquafighter fuel quality management and tank maintenance technology to all customers using diesel, biodiesel and non-ethanol gasoline to fuel their power generators and back-up gensets.

Aquafighter goes straight to the core of the problem

Before Aquafighter; achieving complete water prevention, fuel purity and fuel protection was impossible with any combination of the world’s best solutions. With Aquafighter’s indispensable combination of abilities it is now possible to eliminate all water in the fuel and in the tank before it creates the domino effect of common problems and costs. This combination of abilities includes: De-emulsification of fuel to less than 65ppm water; Capturing water immediately upon separation & contact; Isolating the water in a protective gel until removal.

Nothing more, nothing less

When compared to fuel additives; the non-toxic and safe-to-handle Aquafighter technology differs from de-emulsifying chemical additives in that it doesn’t add anything to the fuel and it doesn’t force water to accumulate at the bottom of the tank where it grows bacteria, corrodes the tank and eventually re-emulsifies back into the fuel. Aquafighter is also different from emulsifying additives that force water to mix with the fuel so that it will pass through filters, water separators and the fuel system to burn in the engine where there is potential of heavy damage and certainty of unnecessary wear damage. Aquafighter simply gets the water out and keeps it out assuring high-quality fuel and ending the risk of bacteria growth, corrosion and re-emulsification of water back into the fuel.


Michael Barker of GenServe explains, “With Aquafighter being a simple and cost-effective way of eliminating water in diesel tanks; we are excited to bring this single complete solution to an industry that has always relied on constantly replacing filter after filter, dealing with regular repairs due to moisture wear and using many and often dangerous additives and biocides. Whether using in tandem with or in lieu of polishing systems, Aquafighter greatly reduces the cost of maintenance and material costs associated with generator operation while also keeping pure fuel consistently powering the engine at peak performance.

Steven Janicki of Pritchard Canada, “As the Kohler dealer in Central & Eastern Canada, we are very aware that water accumulation is the first domino in the cascade of problems that diesel operators face. Now that we have Aquafighter we are able to stop water before these problems ever start and before the costs add up.”


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