Reliable UPS systems are becoming more and more crucial both in industrial and medical technology. The reason is the constant need of power supply of industrial computers. This is why Bicker Elektronik has released the new PSZ-1063 μExtension module. This extends the features of the maintenance-free DC UPS systems UPSIC-1205/UPSIC-2403 and the DC-DC converter with backup feature DC2412-UPS/DC2412-UPS-LD (Load Dump Version).

Bicker Elektronik added numerous new functions in order to ensure optimal connection and protection of current mainboards. The plug-in system is directly connected to the COM interface of the DC UPS and to the RS-232 interface of the mainboard. The DC UPS systems are equipped with ultracapacitors (aka supercaps) as energy storage, to protect the computer system against voltage fluctuations, flicker, voltage dips or failure of the supply voltage.

One of the features is the extremely short charging times, but also a wide temperature range and a high current carrying capacity and power density. With more than 500,000 charging cycles, such DC UPS systems have a particularly long service life. In other terms, this means an increase of long-term availability and a minimization of maintenance efforts.

Real-time data monitoring

The new μExtension module PSZ-1063 is capable of real-time data monitoring thanks to continuous data acquisition. The I²C interface of the DC UPS is constantly recording data, consequently stored in the μExtension module. Then, the module’s RS232 interface allows the data to be forwarded to the host. The open communication protocol features an extensive list of commands that offers system developers individual connection possibilities to their specific system.

Integrated reboot function and controlled release of output voltage

The PSZ-1063 module displays another interesting solution, consisting of the built-in reboot feature. This enables the system to automatically reboot as soon as the power supply voltage returns during the shutdown process or at a later point in time. When the input voltage is present, the startup function of the mainboard can be activated directly via BIOS. Optionally, a safety function of the additional μExtension module PSZ-1063 can be activated for the output or supply release to the system, which ensures that the output of the DC UPS is not enabled until the supercapacitors have reached at least 90% of their capacity. A safe and reliable shutdown process of the system is thus always guaranteed.


The DC UPS can also work without software on the host. The time values for power fail (PF) and shutdown timers can be set directly on the μExtension module PSZ-1063 using a DIP switch block. In this configuration, the add-on module generates the trigger signal for system shutdown via the power button connection of the mainboard. Bicker Elektronik offers matching two-wire twisted cables for mainboard connection. In addition, the options for software-controlled configuration of all parameters using free software “UPS Control Center” from Bicker Elektronik remain unchanged.

Customers care

Bicker Elektronik offers services for system developers such as personal on-site designing consulting, project support by the different teams of Bicker Elektronik. Within the Power+Board program, Bicker Elektronik customers receive tested and perfectly matching bundles consisting of the power supply, mainboard, and industrial-grade accessories. On request, the specialists from Bicker Elektronik realize customer-specific special solutions and also offer extensive laboratory and measuring services for complete customer systems.



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