Efesto now provides 50 kW and 100 kW Hybrid Power Units

Efesto is now providing for inboard motor boats two new categories of hybrid power units: one with 100 kW continuous power and 250 Nm continuous motor torque and one with 50 kW continuous power and 125 Nm continuous motor torque.

This hybrid power unit can be installed on every kind of transmission (stern drive, axis line, surface-piercing drives, Ips drive) and it can also be installed on any gasoline and diesel engine with a power up to 400 kW.


The double shaft architecture allows to use the electric motor always at its optimal speed, independently from the internal combustion engine maximum rpm.

The system features two clutches one for connect/disconnect the main shaft and one for connect/disconnect the electric motor: this enable to mechanically disconnect the electric motor when ever it is not required to operate.


Efesto Hybrid Power Unit features different operating modes

The different functioning modes of Efesto Hybrid Power Unit are: standard mode, pure electric mode, boost  mode, generation mode and stationary mode.

The electric propulsion also brings to the table a lot of benefits for both users and the environment. First of all, while cruising in ports at reduced speed, in lakes or natural reserves, full electric propulsion means respect of the environment and at anchor the usage of the energy stored in batteries during navigation allows to avoid the usage of the auxiliary generator highly contributing the marine environment preservation.

In case of failure of the ICE the electric motor is a back up propulsion system and it provides also the possibility to reduce the size of the ICE because the extra boost is provided by the electric motor.

Some features…

The GCU-MCU50/400 has an electrical output power of 50 kW, with an efficiency of 97% at maximum rating and it has an electrical output power of 35 kW with an efficiency of 97.5% at continuous rating.

The GCU-MCU100/400 has an electrical output power of 100 kW at maximum rating and it has an electrical output power of 70 kW at continuous rating with the same levels of efficiency.

Both have the same operating battery voltage at 100-450 Vdc and a switching frequency up to 25 kHz.


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