ElectroCraft expanded the MobilePower offering with MPW series

MPW Series is going to reinforce the MobilePower family of ElectroCraft to get closer and closer to the automated and autonomous vehicles sector. ElectroCraft is a global fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider. It has, indeed, expanded its MobilePower traction system offer with the MPW52 and MPW86. The MobilePower Wheel-Drive (MPW) features a high torque-density brushless DC motor with an integrated single-stage planetary gearbox and wheel drive assembly.

MPW Series

Scott Rohlfs, Director of Product Marketing, said: «The MPW is an application-specific extension to the ElectroCraft MobilePower gearmotor product offering. The MPW adds to the breadth of product capability from the MobilePower gearmotor line to include industrial-grade traction systems for automated guided vehicles (AGV) and also a wide range of autonomous mobile robots (AMR)».

The MPW in detail

MPW compact wheel drives comes from the ElectroCraft gearmotor knowledge base. It also leverages the high-torque-density of the RPX Series and other Brushless DC motor product lines. We can take a look at some more details. MPW52 motor/hub/wheel total length corresponds to 92mm*150 lbs load per wheel and 4 Nm continuous torque. MPW86 motor/hub/wheel total length corresponds to 130mm*500 lbs load per wheel and 20 Nm continuous torque. Wheel diameters go from 4″ to 8″.  Wheel speeds go from 6 to 22 km/h.

ElectroCraft gearmotors focus in particular on smooth, controlled power delivery with high starting torque. They are available in a wide range of motor and gearing options, from configurable to fully-customizable.

About ElectroCraft

The ElectroCraft Powering Innovation custom manufacturing services cover the following products: AC motors, PMDC motors, brushless DC motors, stepper motors, servo motors, gearboxes, gearmotors, linear actuators, drives, servo drives, integrated motor drives.

The company operates within industrial, commercial, and consumer product markets. For OEM customers ElectroCraft offers customizable product families that aim to provide the right results in terms of reliability and performance while keeping costs accessible to different categories of users.


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