Meritor decided to discolse its next move in terms of an expansion of its solutions for the electric utility and construction industries by presenting a lighter variant of its independent front suspension (IFS) and offering an enhancement for its transfer case.

Jim Keane, director of Specialty for Meritor, said: «Both products are purpose-built with Meritor’s field-proven technologies for the demanding needs of utility and construction fleets. Meritor is reinforcing its dedication to excellence in engineering and product development by building a robust portfolio of versatile products for this market».


The Independent front suspension (IFS)

The independent front suspension (IFS) variant for Class 6-7 trucks is lighter than the original suspension that launched in 2017. It also includes a larger, 285 mm standard wheel-end. Lightweight air disc brakes fit standard rims and tires in North America. Vented rotors are optional.

meritor independent front suspension

Unlike trucks equipped with rigid front-drive axle and leaf spring suspensions, Meritor’s modular design eliminates the need for frame rail modifications and offers better vehicle handling, stability and control. With a gross axle rating up to 10,000 kg, the IFS comes together with a modern steering geometry and a low-profile shift-on-the-fly transfer case.

Non-drive versions of the suspension are also available for fleets with rear-drive vehicles requiring the safety benefits of an independent suspension.

MTC-4200-XL-EC series transfer case

The enhanced two-speed MTC-4200-XL-EC series transfer case is designed to deliver mobility and durability for utility as well as medium- and heavy-duty on- and off-highway applications. A new oil distribution system increases oil volume to the chassis-mounted cooler.

Sump oil temperatures are almost 15 percent lower with regards to the previous Meritor model at maximum input speed. The gearing delivers durability and torque capability for demanding applications and shift-on-the-fly front axle engagement is compatible with automatic engagement systems to offer better drivetrain packaging.



AS Labruna at METS 2023

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