Parker Hannifin has received EC-79 certification for its Autoclave Engineers SM Series of medium-pressure needle valves, and its medium-pressure cone and thread fittings. The EC-79 approval and certification are part of an EU regulation requirement for components and systems that are intended for installation on hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The need for more sustainable, energy-efficient vehicles that release zero pollution, i.e. emission of water vapor instead of CO2 into the atmosphere, is steadily on the rise. Parker is supporting the global decarbonisation efforts through a broad range of solutions enabling safe and efficient operation for a variety of hydrogen applications.

EC-79 type-approval certifies components used can withstand electrical, mechanical, thermal and chemical operating conditions without leaking or becoming deformed. It also ensures components can reliably withstand expected temperatures and pressures during their lifetime and are designed in such a way that they can be installed and protected against damage. Parker’s products underwent a series of vigorous testing to ensure they meet the stringent qualification of the regulation.

Parker Hannifin: needle valves for hydrogen use

The hydrogen variation to the needle valves incorporates a unique stem/seat and PTFE packing design that can withstand temperatures ranging between -40°C and 120°C and pressures of up to 700 bar (10,152 psi). Both the SM Series needle valves and cone and thread fittings are available with anti-vibration connections, which move stress concentration to the unthreaded part of the tubing, and are supplied in sizes up to 1 inch.

Franck Grignola, Product Manager for Parker Instrumentation Products Division Europe, comments: “EC-79 certification is proof of the high quality of Parker Autoclave Engineers’ range. Parker easily passed all the tests for this qualification with success, which is not surprising due to the quality of the product ranges and expertise of Parker’s engineering team.”


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