Petronas Lubricants International (PLI) consolidates its historic partnership with Iveco with the development of fluids for Iveco’s new eDaily zero-impact vehicles, designed to optimize performance and promote sustainable solutions for the commercial vehicle sector.

The long-standing collaboration between the two leaders in the automotive sector, which has been founded on innovation and expertise since 1975, has led to thousands of hours of co-engineering, resulting in the highest quality lubricants capable of satisfying the needs of drivers Iveco. The new fluids confirm the shared goal of Petronas and Iveco to achieve a more sustainable future.

Defined as the “electric twin” of the iconic Iveco Daily, the eDaily is suitable for all the needs of professional vehicles, including heavy-duty ones. The new vehicle makes a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of transport vehicles, with the help of fluids that improve performance and extend the life of vehicles.

Petronas Iona Integra Plus has been designed for the eDailys e-Transfer box, specifically designed to provide optimized performance and ensure component life. This is comparable to having higher viscosities in standard fluids and ensures excellent oxidation properties, even at elevated temperatures.

The eDailys also use Petronas Tutela Axle 900 HD, a SAE 75W-85 oil developed for the entire range of Iveco axles, including light and heavy vehicles, to maximize efficiency and meet the requirements of the latest regulations.

We know that unbeatable performance is essential for Iveco drivers, many of whom undertake long and demanding journeys. The Petronas Iona and Tutela ranges for the new eDaily EVs demonstrate the importance of the partnership between the two companies. Joint efforts in innovation, co-design and collaborations will certainly help create a more sustainable future for the automotive industry,” said Domenico Ciaglia, Managing Director EMEA of PLI.

The lubricants jointly developed by Petronas and Iveco represent the latest success of a thirty-year collaboration between the two companies, which benefits the drivers of Iveco vehicles by offering them vehicles capable of always maintaining the right course and meeting the highest standards of the sector.



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