Here comes the Volvo VDS-5 specification for the 400 XSP-FA SAE 5W-30 Texaco Delo heavy-duty diesel engine oil. Texaco Delo product has already got some more specifications from other manufacturers, including Mercedes Benz, Cummins, Renault and Ford.


Texaco Delo 400 XSP-FA SAE 5W-30 is specifically developed to improve fuel economy, provide excellent wear protection with extended load change intervals and ensure optimal engine life. Distinguished by ISOSYN technology, which relies on an advanced Low SAPS additive to meet the Euro 6 standard, Texaco Delo 400 XSP-FA SAE 5W-30 is developed to provide protection for engines meeting GHG 17 and EPA 2010 emissions standards used on road trucks that employ ultra-low sulphur diesel fuels.

Texaco Delo heavy-duty diesel engine oil
The 400 XSP-FA SAE 5W-30 Texaco Delo heavy-duty diesel engine oil

Texaco Delo’s commitment to the latest generation of heavy-duty engines

Formulated for applications on the latest generation of engines equipped with SCR, DPF and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), the oil improves fuel consumption by up to 1.3 percent compared to SAE 15W-40 lubricants, thanks to the combination of low viscosity and advanced additive systems.


Low-viscosity oil

Texaco Delo 400 XSP-FA SAE 5W-30 is a low-viscosity oil developed with synthetic base materials. As such, it provides wear protection during cold starts for all engines operating at sub-zero temperatures. It also includes advanced additive technologies with detergents and dispersants, developed for wear control and soot dispersion, thus helping to keep piston rings, valve heads as well as piston collars clean.


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