Unity is strenght, so the UFI Filters Group attend Agritechnica 2023 for the first time with its Aftermarket division and with UFI Filters Hydraulics, as it presents its latest farming technologies. 

UFI Aftermarket at Agritechnica 2023 in a nutshell

 The product selection presented by the Aftermarket division (for engines) and by the UFI Hydraulics division (for hydraulic circuits) will focus on filtration solutions aimed at improving the productivity and efficiency of farming vehicles. This goal can only be achieved by adopting the right technologies, developed and promoted through UFI Filters multi-year experience and know-how in this field. 

The products displayed by UFI Aftermarket include the latest engine filtration products: 

• The blow-by filter for the new Cursor 16 TST engine for 4WD off-road applications, including the new Case IH Quadtrac 715 

• The filtration module with multiple functions for the FPT F28 Stage V engine 

• Some of the top-range aftermarket products, such as New Holland filters and pre-filters, with the exclusive FormulaUFI.H2O filtration material; layered oil filters, such as FormulaUFI.STRATIFLEX, and synthetic fibre filters such as FormulaUFI.MICRON, and the self-cleaning and panel rotary blow-by filter range 

And  UFI Filters Hydraulics 

UFI Agritechnica 2023
UFI Filters Hydraulics range

 UFI Filters Hydraulics features its experience and innovative strengths in the hydraulic sector, with some interesting products, such as: 

• The new FRI series – a tank filtration solution for return lines 

• The FPO pressurized spin-on filter series with FORTIMAX element 

• The eco-friendly version of the UOW mobile filtration unit, with coreless element 

• The differential clogging indicator with double calibration 

• The new spin-on FORTIMAX EPO37 element, specifically designed for low-pressure hydraulic systems 

UFI Filters’ know-how in the area of original equipment for agricultural machinery manufacturers’ products is reflected through the unique quality of its aftermarket and hydraulic parts. Components from the UFI Filters Group are capable of offering the best in filtration technology and ensuring the utmost protection and efficiency for work vehicles, even in extreme heavy-duty situations. 


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