UFI Filters Group, through the subsidiary UFI Filters Hydraulics, has acquired all the shares of Friedrichs Filtersysteme, a company that produces hydraulic products for the industrial sector, with headquarters and production plant in Wassenberg, Germany, in the North Rhine-Westphalia region.

In its 30th year of activity, UFI Filters Hydraulics has decided to acquire the German company Friedrichs Filtersysteme as part of an important growth strategy. Thanks to this acquisition, the Group will extend its portfolio with new products and patents, including the series of duplex fluidtech filters, the deltaP differential pressure indicators, the products dedicated to the recovery of oil vapors for turbochargers and expanders, the silencers for air compressors, marine and industrial water filters as well as other filtration and venting solutions for various industries including wind power generation, mining and chemicals.

By joining the Group, Friedrichs Filtersysteme will be able to take advantage of the entire range of filters, elements and technologies present in the Group, with the aim of achieving a turnover of 15 million euros and 50 employees by 2025.

Finally, the Hydraulic Division of the UFI Filters Group will benefit from the fifty-year experience of the German company, as well as from the synergies deriving from the Friedrichs Filtersysteme patented brand philosophy, Fluent Thinking.

UFI Filters, with an expected turnover of 500 million euros in 2022, confirms the desire to strengthen its presence in the German market.


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