According to The EIMA 2021 official voice, “After five days, the exhibition closed with 270,700 visitors, 25,900 of whom from abroad, a result that makes EIMA a “top” international event not only in the specific sector of agricultural machinery, but also in the landscape of trade shows in absolute terms.”

EIMA 2021, the place to be

When we entered the fair, it was as if a bubble of over a year and a half had never materialised. While we wait for a more in-depth look at the product themes, here is the essence of what we gathered from the stands. Kubota celebrated 30 years of collaboration with SAIM, which has been in the industrial engine market for 70 years. In the plans of the Japanese management, ICE remains the mission and a further expansion of the line-up is planned.

Deutz unveils TCD5.2 (again) e the TCD2.9 HP

The most interesting product news comes from the Deutz stand. Cologne dropped not one, but two axles: the 5.2-litre, available from 130 to 170 kilowatts, and the 2.9-litre High Power version, capable of 75 kilowatts.

As for FPT Industrial, we met for the first time Sylvain Blaise, Brand President since the beginning of October. We spoke to Sergio Carpentiere, head of Customer Service. The gas-powered N67 is a champion of sustainability, according to the jury members of Tractor of the year.

Kohler is increasingly an integrated company, as can be seen from its power and engines range: from KDI to K-HEM, not missing out on petrol engines, mainly for gardening applications.

Critical issues: energy, logistic and materials

Engine manufacturers’ order books are full, but this trend is in stark contrast to the dramatic shortage in materials, semifinished and subcomponents, semiconductors above all others, and the rebound in fixed costs linked to energy requirements and logistics. Engines manufacturers are having to chase down suppliers, who are being pressured by OEMs to meet the pressing ultimatums of end final users. The fear is that these brakes will inhibit the long wave of demand, which would otherwise continue into 2022.


FPT Industrial: let’s go, XC13

The XC13 surely sounds agnostic in FPT Industrial’s unofficial nomenclature; it comes, indeed, with a tripartite certification: Euro 6E (winking an eye at the upcoming Euro 7), methane gas and also biofuel, with a link to hydrogen. Andrea Abbà, FPT’s product marketing manager, told us about dialogui...

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