The choice made by FPT Industrial to change the name from Aftermarket Solutions to Customer Service embodies the new approach, in which services are not simply an extra. We talk about it with Sergio Carpentiere, Head of Customer Service of FPT.

The name change of our structure – says Sergio Carpentiere, Head of Customer Service at FPT – represents a starting point. The choice to change the name from Aftermarket Solutions to Customer Service embodies the new approach, in which services are not simply an extra. Our offer becomes a sort of enabler, which serves to develop the business by maximizing uptime. This allows us to assist our customers even beyond the warranty period, where typically OEMs are weaker and competition is often based solely on prices. A challenge that sees a structured professional company such as FPT Industrial penalized, in comparison with entities that rely exclusively on price, to the detriment of quality and performance. Having the opportunity to offer our customers services that establish a relationship with us, and consolidate it, through the OEMs we follow directly and through the FPT dealers, means letting them enter a more virtuous world, in which they find themselves more inclined to rely on dealer and ourselves.”

This is not a mere purchase negotiation, it is part of an integrated customer management system, which has great advantages for him. It allows him to have certain warnings in advance and to make a programmed stop, rather than suffer it. A radical change, since most of our engines are used on work vehicles; a machine downtime has a direct impact on productivity, while our services allow you to have greater peace of mind, because we are able to conduct checks and controls on the engine remotely, in order to have the ability to provide information to our customers and where it is possible to avoid an unwanted stop of the vehicles. This is an evolving world and tailor-made agreements are made based on the type of customers. For FPT producing engines that can be adapted to the most varied applications and uses is a fundamental thing. The services have different characteristics depending on whether you turn to the large OEM or to one with a few dozen vehicles, who has different needs or is simply not interested in investing in services such as the control room. It is much easier for them to have the same result without investments, relying on what we can offer them directly”.

FPT alongside the customer 

It is therefore a system that crosses applications and power supplies. Would the future customer receive the same service, whether it is a specialized biomethane or a nebulizer with a battery pack?

In terms of results for the end user, absolutely yes. The starting point is philosophy. We have a number of possibilities to notify the customer in time and minimize the repair time. If we consider what we are doing, even if we are at the beginning and the statistics are not exhaustive, customer satisfaction with the network is increasing. The first results are surprising, especially from the point of view of the time taken from the detection of the problem to its resolution“.


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