AS Labruna is about to validate the admission ticket to the Metstrade in Amsterdam for the ninth consecutive year, and it does so by dedicating itself as a system integrator. Without betraying its roots as a distributor of FPT Industrial and FNM engines, over the years it has accelerated in the direction of sustainability and the provision of integrated services. Last but not least, the progressive electrification of the axis.

Whether it is AS Labruna or e-vision, the best practice is common

The common denominator of AS Labruna and e-vision is the ability to modulate the architecture of the kinematic chain and related services, primarily assistance, on the needs of the specific application. To enhance an increasingly complex proposal, AS Labruna set up a 50 square meter stand at Metstrade. A concept reaffirmed by the CEO himself, Massimo Labruna: “Our goal, even here, at RAI in Amsterdam, is to project ourselves into the circle of the main electrification system integrators on the international scene”.

At the Mets, between confirmations and news

Among the confirmations, linked to the distribution point of view, there is the Blue Hybrid System, in a version with reduced displacement, applied to 13 HPF, with a 1.3-liter heat engine. There are three main innovations of AS Labruna at the Mets, united by the idea of “democratization” of electric propulsion. Electrification, therefore, within the reach of many, not a few.

We are proud of the Power Bank 30, the first and only zero-noise generator, which delegates a methanol fuel cell to recharge the battery pack. There are three segmentations: 10 kWh, 20 kWh and 30 kWh of capacity. There is a three-phase inverter that allows you to draw up to 30 kilowatts during peaks. Thanks to two 60-liter cans of methanol we can store up to 150 kWh of energy. The Power Bank 30 is therefore a candidate for prestigious applications, such as the hotel functions of mega yachts, relying on the same concept as the power bank of mobile phones. It is literally the only generator that does not produce any noise.”

The Power Shunt can be set on the shaft line

Power Shunt at the Innovation Lab

We participate in the Mets Innovation Lab,” continues Labruna, “with the Power Shunt, a module positioned in the middle of the shaft line, which allows you to refit or hybridize the boat in a simple way. It is a stand alone device, lighter and compact.” Also in this case, economy is the pick to unhinge the resistances of owners, often discouraged by the expensive costs of the conventional hybrid. “With the Power Shunt we are able to deliver up to 100 kilowatts of electric motor at an affordable cost,” continues Labruna. “I would like to underline that the reduction ratios we have devised are 2:1, 3:1 and 5:1, therefore also applicable to work boats. In this way, construction sites are able to use very high torque electric motors, with a speed of up to 9,000 rpm. There are two control levers, one for managing the thermal and another for the electric.”

The Maradea and the HVO generators

The propulsion system called Maradea is applied to a 40 horsepower Vetus, to take advantage of the Dutch showcase, but can be coupled with any engine. There is also a full electric, from the Maradea family, with a power of 10 kilowatts, with a belt drive that supports the propeller in managing torque values that are anything but trivial. Last news in order of citation, the range of on-board generators powered by HVO. A choice, that of biofuels, shared with FPT Industrial. A 3-kilowatt peak will be brought to the stand, powered by a Yanmar mechanical engine, with some modifications to the injection to make it compatible with hydrogenated oil. In short, as if to reiterate that the diesel cycle is not dead, because there are methods of use in line with sustainability.


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