OXE Marine, the company behind the world’s first high performance diesel outboard, and Punch Torino, an engineering centre for propulsion systems and electronics, will begin an extensive collaboration to further develop diesel outboard engines. 

The first step in the collaboration is for Punch to review and evaluate the OXE200, OXE Marine’s 200 HP diesel outboard, with a powerhead based on a General Motors 2.0L diesel engine, according to the latest maritime emission requirements.

OXE Marine’s unique and patented solutions allowing for high torque transmission between a marinized powerhead from the automotive industry and lower leg has led to a global high demand for the company’s efficient outboards. Punch brings significant engineering and automotive technology competence to the collaboration, and the two parties’ team up to improve on the already low-emission diesel engines to meet future emission regulation standards, and to further develop marine solutions making for a more sustainable and safer maritime environment.

As a company aiming to be on the forefront of marine propulsion, and of course striving to provide our customers with efficient and reliable products that make a positive contribution to the marine environment. We are eager to start this collaboration with Punch with the focus on the 150-200HP family of engines from an emission reduction point of view,” says Paul FrickCEO at OXE Marine.

This partnership sets a base for many collaborative opportunities for OXE Marine, for example access to various internal combustion engines, including hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines, through which Punch, through its subsidiary Punch Hydrocells, has considerable expertise.

Pierpaolo AntonioliCEO Punch Torino, comments: “Environmental sustainability is a core principle of our technology; working to turn this vision into a concrete reality is our mantra. Partnering with OXE, an innovative company in the marine industry with the same vision of a sustainable future, will lay the foundation for a collaboration to renew and improve the efficiency of OXE’s powertrains, thus helping to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.”


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