Torqeedo, the Deutz’s brench for electrification, focused on mobility on the water, presents its new Travel 903 motor as a limited edition. The company has achieved worldwide success with its iconic Travel motor, selling over 100,000 units. According to the German company this motor is renowned for its proven technology and reliability, offering a compelling alternative to petrol engines.

The applications of Travel 903 by Torqeedo

With an input power of 900 watts, the Travel motor effortlessly propels boats weighing up to 1.3 tonnes. This makes it the choice for various watercraft, including fishing boats, small sailboats, and inflatable boats. The Travel 903 enables boaters to navigate lakes and rivers quietly and without emissions, thus complying with even the strictest regulations for inland waters. It is a limited edition and, like all Travel motors, comes with a five-year warranty and a durable direct-drive motor that has been industrially engineered to ensure superior efficiency. Travel motors are equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery and an integrated onboard computer that displays GPS, remaining range and charging status.

According to the CEO

From the beginning, we have set new standards. Our Travel motors have delivered safety and reliability for a decade. The Travel 903 leverages our expertise and years of experience to offer an even more optimized boating experience. With the Travel 903, we present the best version of our Travel motor: 14 per cent greater range compared to the Travel 1103 and equipped with our highly efficient propeller, which was previously only available as an accessory,” says Fabian Bez, CEO of Torqeedo. 


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