The Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous is back. In Viareggio from 9 to 12 May. Barbara Amerio gave her point of view on the event

The Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous (VYR) returns from 9 to 12 May 2019 in Viareggio. Four days in which the docks of Viareggio, the pearl of Versilia, on the Tuscany shore, will once again become an important exhibition center for international nautical production and the top of the range in the industry.

The growing success of the two previous editions of the event conceived by Nautica Italiana and organized by Fiera Milano with the fundamental involvement of the Nautical District and the Portualità Toscana, brought along three other prominent names of the Made in Italy pleasure boat sector to the Viareggio docks: Permare, Cranchi and Cantiere Rossini. The first two are builders with different focuses. The first one  focuses on motoryacht and superyacht projects, while the second one focuses on high quality boats. The third one instead focuses on a new reality dedicated to refitting and assisting yachts of all sizes.

vyr viareggio

The words of Barbara Amerio

Barbara Amerio, who together with her brother Rodolfo runs Permare, a shipyard founded in Sanremo in the 70s by her father Fernando, explained why she decided to take her Amer yachts to VYR 2019:

We were invited to participate because we build here in Viareggio, a city to which we owe a lot and to which we are very fond. We also focus on the offer of Amer products for hire: there are several of them and in May we can formulate last minute proposals to organize an unforgettable holiday during the summer 2019.

What does the VYR represent for a company like yours? How much is simple showcase and how much instead is an occasion to create synergies and collaborations with professionals in the sector?

We can evaluate it when this participation experience will be over. A company like ours, active since 1973, has many contacts and during events like the VYR, more relaxed than the September boat shows, you have more time to meet many friends, colleagues and suppliers, we always like to confront and discover new products and study possible collaborations, obviously the superyacht customers and colleagues will be welcome on board.

What boat will you show in Viareggio?

We are still deciding which one will be chosen between the 94′, which is currently available on the market, and the 100′. As far as we are concerned, we are working on some news, but they will not be available in the short term because we expect new technological products, already close to availability, but not yet present on the market. In the meantime we are dedicating ourselves to research together with other companies involved in this new project. We are always open to new challenges. It will be probably difficult to go beyond the performances obtained with the 94′ twin, but we will try.

On your website you explicitly indicate the will to reach electric propulsion in the future. We had an example in Genoa, where you have reached a new level of lightness on a 94′ boat with the new Volvo Penta engines with IPS 1350 transmission. What will be the next steps of the shipyard on the sustainable yachting route? Do you plan to undertake any particular initiative at VYR to involve and raise awareness on this important aspect?

The sensitivity for the eco-sustainability of our products starts from afar with a research aimed at lowering consumption that started in the 70s. The recent stabilization of the hulls has created a revolution because finally it is possible to navigate in stability even with a planing boat and not only with trawler or shuttles, as it was happening until a few years ago. Moreover, the IPS transmissions not only allow to lower the consumption, but also to be able to navigate safely at all speeds, increase the comfort on board and guarantee great maneuverability.

We think that the environmental implications cannot be ignored, starting from the production process. The future of Ameryachts will surely go towards the electric diesel hybrid. Furthermore, the new, more stringent regulations will help us raise the bar for the emission reduction challenge.



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