Conidia, an internationally recognized company within the bioscience sector, has launched a unique mobile app to test for fuel contamination. We’re talking about a totally upgraded digital verification tool FUELSTAT Result, a Conidia mobile app that allows operators to complete compliance testing on-site without paper and without the need to register, representing a significant productivity improvement. 

The app can be downloaded by iPhone and Android users and makes it possible to create a professional report that can be immediately printed or emailed from the user’s phone or tablet.

Conidia’s new mobile app: how does it work?

«The new FUELSTAT Result app works alongside the FUELSTAT test kit», states the company from UK. «Once samples have been taken and results are ready, the app uses the phone’s camera to read and interpret the results. The user simply lines up the test kit with the outline provided on screen. When aligned, the outline will turn green and the app will verify the results, giving a clear and instant indication of levels of microbial contamination within the fuel using a traffic light system. An additional alert will be given if the results are close to a threshold, giving the operator the information required to determine the next test interval».

A record of the last 10 results is kept locally on the phone and the user can add information about location, asset and any additional notes. If the user chooses to register on the app, details of the user are automatically entered on the report and results are transferred to a secure portal to enable collaborative access. An image of the test results and actual readings are included and supervisors can review, identify any trends, and add notes.

15 minutes instead of up to 10 days

«This is so incredibly easy to use. From taking fuel samples to having the test report ready to send can be completed on site in as little as 15 minutes compared with sending samples to a laboratory, which can take up to 10 days. There are no special skills necessary and, even if the user is not familiar with the test process, the app will guide them», said Myrsini Chronopoulou, Research & Development Manager at Conidia.


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