Cummins agricultural applications. Agritechnica 2017, the first time of 6.7 liters with structural cup. Two years later, Cummins reaffirms its belief in penetrating the agricultural segment, having named its Stage V engines the Performance Series. And how to blame him… We asked Steven Nandick, Marketing Communication Director, to tell us more about the potential of Cummins in the fields.

Steve Nendick, Marketing Communications Director at Cummins

Cummins agricultural applications. Starting from B6.7

Cummins agricultural applications. An abstract of the Cummins B6.7 litre structural engine

The structural capability has been designed into the Performance Series B6.7, the latest version of Cummins’ B-series engine developed to meet rigorous Stage V standards. With over 13 million B Series units sold around the world it is proven to deliver high performance in challenging duty cycles.  In agriculture, they have a long-standing reputation for capability and durability.


For Stage V the B6.7 moves up to 326 hp (243 kW) with a peak torque of 1,375 Nm, a 30 per cent increase over that of Stage IV.

Cummins has the capability to tailor the engine performance for farm work, with the power bulge and torque back up available ideal for agricultural tractor operation.  This is achieved through the integration of key in-house technologies such as combustion, turbocharging, fuel systems, exhaust aftertreatment, and electronic controlThe B6.7 can use proven variable-geometry or wastegate turbochargers depending on the application needs. 

And what after B6.7?

What will be the next Cummins structural engine?

Cummins continues to develop its product range based on market and customer needs.  This is for clean diesel as well as alternative power solutions.  The B6.7 is the first step in our structural range and we expect to add others to the line-up as we move forward.


Stage V features for ag applications: i.e. could the F3.8’s excellent power density be a trump card?

Across the industry, manufacturers are striving to build agricultural machines that are more productive.  This means lighter and more powerful with a high level of reliability. They can deliver these specifications because next generation engine technology facilitates a ‘more with less’ approach, engines that deliver much greater power density than previous models, but with fewer components.

Cummins F3.8 Performance Series

Cummins agricultural applications. Stage V, F3.8 and B4.5

Cummins’ Stage V Performance Series engines, particularly our 4-cylinder F3.8 and B4.5 models, epitomize this trend. Power and torque are increased substantially when compared to their Stage IV predecessors.  They are both leaders in their power categories.  Their simpler architecture also means more reliability and improved fuel consumption. OEMs benefit as they have an opportunity to increase the machine capability of their existing machines or select a smaller engine with higher performance – saving weight and money. For farmers it means lower fuel and maintenance costs with no sacrifice in productivity.


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