We’ll see right there the products and solutions on display by Cummins at Middle East Energy 2020, as we are almost ready to leave, heading towards Dubai.

In its centennial year, Cummins Power Generation will be introducing the new C25G gas generator series to the global natural gas markets (we’ll talk about it, as we took part to the preview press event in the UK…). The C25G series is engineered to deliver superior fuel efficiency with a power density of 500 kW (50 Hz) and 580 kW (60 Hz) from a 25L engine while providing reduced maintenance costs per kWh.

Cummins at Middle East Energy 2020
The new Cummins C25G gas generator series

Cummins at Middle East Energy 2020: the new C25G gas generator


The C25G generator series offers a total package of gas generator capabilities for prime, peaking power and island mode applications, while being suitable for a diverse set of industries ranging from hospitals and manufacturing to commercial building and greenhouses requiring reliable continuous operation.

«Following the launch of the HSK78G gas generator series, Cummins is now extending its portfolio with the addition of the C25G gas series offering a wider range of integrated solutions for any gas power need across key power nodes», said Chris Downs, Global Energy Management Marketing Leader.

The C25G models comply with all global emissions regulations while delivering a high electrical efficiency up to 41.6 percent (50 Hz) and 40.6 percent (60 Hz) on pipeline natural gas down to 71 and 68 methane number (MN) respectively at full power.


And some additional products

Cummins will also showcase some additional products. Among these are two new Digital Master Controls (DMCs), the DMC2000 and DMC6000, featuring comprehensive design flexibility, as well as the KTA19-G4 18.9-liter dual speed diesel engine powered by Cummins G-drive and the new QSG12 Coolpac engine also powered by Cummins G-drive, which will be introduced for the first time in Dubai.

The KTA19-G4 18.9-liter dual speed diesel engineCummins at Middle East Energy 2020


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