Cummins has increased their initial investment from September 2019 in Loop Energy, a Canadian manufacturer of fuel cell systems. The goal is to develop a fuel cell range extender for commercial electric vehicles. Loop is a company specializing in medium and heavy-duty fuel cell buses and trucks, a niche where the Canadians considers themselves a ‘technical leader’.


«Cummins subsequent investment is further validation of Loop’s game-changing fuel cell technology, commercialisation momentum, and the growing recognition of the role hydrogen fuel cells will play in commercial transport applications», said Ben Nyland, President and CEO of Loop Energy.

With the increased investment, Cummins also gains a seat on the Board of Directors of Loop Energy.

Cummins at Agritechnica

Beyond the fuel cell range extender: facing the pandemic

Shifting the attention to the pandemic, Cummins Distribution Europe has issued not long ago a statement aimed at ensuring customers that the company is providing the service and support nevertheless.

According to the statement, «Cummins continues to monitor the situation and any reports or requirements from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and government organisations across the region. We have also activated our Global Crisis Response Team to ensure that we are taking appropriate measures to protect our customers and employees from the virus. For example, we are educating our employees on the risks and signs of the virus as well as ensuring our facilities execute rigorous cleaning procedures in all our branch locations and offices, including technician tools, and the devices we use to service your equipment».


Service and support

«We are a designated first responder – they added – and we have the resources and plans in place to deliver the service and support you need, including ensuring availability for mission-critical businesses and applications both in the shop and in the field. Our goal is to continue to deliver the service and support that you depend on, while implementing preventative measures to ensure your safety and the safety of our employees».


FPT Industrial: let’s go, XC13

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