Deutz-Fahr and SAME Farmotion. The 3 and 4 cylinders compact Diesel engines of the Farmotion Series are finding more and more room under the hoods of SAME Deutz-Fahr tractors (read about Tractor of the year). For example in the new Deutz 5D TTV range.

Deutz-Fahr and SAME Farmotion
5D TTV utility tractor by Deutz-Fahr

Deutz-Fahr and SAME Farmotion

Deutz-Fhar’s big 5 ‘family’ has been enriched with the new 5D TTV range, five utilities with between 53 and 83 kW ready to establish themselves in the premium bracket of compact all-rounders. Continuous transmissions are beginning to be the norm, even on compact tractors below 100 hp, to ensure more versatile and intuitive use of the machine.
Due to their size and power level, the 5D TTVs are ideal for working in open fields, orchards and vineyards, as well as for transport and all those handling operations typical of medium-sized farms. The range is made up of the 5090, 5100, 5090.4, 5100.4 and 5110.4 models, all powered by the well known three and four cylinder FARMotion engines (the .4 suffix indicates the 4 cylinder versions).

Made in Italy engines: back to the origins

Designed specifically for agricultural use, the Farmotion engines feature electronically controlled common rail and turbocharger, charge air cooling system. Stage III B compliants, they use only the maintenance-free after-treatment gas catalyst (DOC), regeneration cycles and additives, with daily refuelling linked to diesel only.  Developed on the basis of the stepless transmission developed in Treviglio (Italy) for specialised tractors, the stepless unit fitted to the 5D TTVs offers an infinite speed range and three different driving strategies (auto/manual and PTO), providing the driving comfort of continuously variable transmissions combined with mechanical transmission efficiency, which can reach 100 per cent under certain conditions.

Two planetary gears and two mechanical ranges adjust speeds according to use (from zero to 22.8 kilometres per hour in the field and from zero to 40 on the road). Switching from one range to the other is transferred fully automatically to ensure no friction losses.
In automatic mode, all you have to do is set the desired speed and use the accelerator to reach it, then the electronic control unit takes care of keeping it constant by automatically adjusting the engine speed according to the load required. It is also possible to use the transmission in manual mode, i.e. by varying the engine speed with the accelerator and the speed with the joystick, or in PTO mode, which is activated automatically when the PTO is engaged and maintains a stable rotation speed regardless of the tractor’s forward speed.

Hydraulic parking brake

In terms of safety, the new 5D TTV range is also at the top of its category, drawing heavily from the higher ranges: brakes on all four wheels are standard, as are the hydraulic parking brake (HPB) and the PowerZero function, which allows the operator to stop the tractor in complete safety even on steep slopes, without having to use the brake pedal. But that’s not all. These luxury utilities are also available with the high-performance semi-active independent and double wishbone suspension, which also includes the Anti-Dive and Anti-Rolling functions (to counteract weight transfer to the front when braking and vehicle roll respectively), so as to significantly increase the level of active safety and ride comfort, while at the same time enhancing productivity when working with high precision.


AS Labruna at METS 2023

AS Labruna is at home at the RAI of Amsterdam, the 2023 edition of METS is the 10th successive attendance

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