Dumarey Flybrid has announced the acquisition of Time Shift BV, a manufacturer of innovative battery energy storage systems. Both businesses will now be marketed under the Dumarey Green Power name.

Dumarey Flybrid focuses on high-efficiency energy storage and management. Key amongst the existing Dumarey Flybrid portfolio is the Peak Power 200, a flywheel energy storage system. Originally developed for Formula 1 racing, today the system is widely used to save fuel and emissions on dynamic industrial equipment such as pumps and tower cranes.

Time Shift BV is a manufacturer of innovative battery energy storage systems (BESS), reusing “second life” batteries which have seen previous service in electric busses and trucks. The PowerSkid and EnergySkid are already available in countries across the world. BESS empower users to cut emissions, providing silent green power where grid supplies may be absent or limited. They are also used to strengthen the mains grid and provide energy trading services.

Combining battery and flywheel storage creates a unique energy management offering due to the synergistic nature of the technologies. While batteries provide long-term base energy, flywheels are able to absorb and re-inject peak power in extremely short cycles enabling customers to address even the most challenging power profiles. Together they increase energy efficiency and provided reliable and flexible access to green electric power. To mark the creation of this powerful product portfolio, both businesses (Dumarey Flybrid and Time Shift) will now trade under the name Dumarey Green Power. 

Tobias Knichel, Managing Director of Dumarey Green Power, commented: “Since launch our flywheel systems have already saved over 4 million litres of fuel and nearly 10 million kilos of CO2 emissions. This acquisition will help us to go further. The addition of battery products allows us to help more customers decarbonise more applications resulting in even more cuts to harmful emissions. The products and expertise developed by Time Shift re-use batteries which would otherwise be discarded. This slashes the embedded carbon, and reduces need for mining scarce minerals, making them a greener solution for our customers.”

Guido DumareyCEO and Founder of the Dumarey Group, emphasised the strategic importance of the acquisition, stating; “The Dumarey Group is committed to seizing opportunities that align with our long-term vision of sustainability. Incorporating second life batteries into our product portfolio not only advances our efforts in industrial decarbonisation but also reinforces our commitment to the circular economy. The combination of the two gives more green power to our customers and furthermore enhances the viability of the second life batteries. It is truly a virtuous circle.”

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