FPT Industrial is exhibiting at ACT Expo 2023, at the Anaheim Convention Center (Anaheim, California, USA) from 1 to 4 May 2023, showing off its range of ePowertrain products and solutions.

FPT Industrial’s portfolio includes various eDriveline solutions for light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles. The 140kW central drive allows easy installation of a full electric solution even on the most complex existing vehicle architectures, while the electrified axles, providing from 145kW to 840 kW of power, are a zero-emission solution for light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles. Designed for the Nikola Tre BEV and already installed on production vehicles, the eAX 840-R can be seen first-hand at the Nikola stand at ACT Expo.

FPT Industrial’s ePowertrain portfolio also includes energy storage systems with a nominal energy range from 37 kWh to 69 kWh, configurable in multi-pack solutions. Validated with the strictest application standards, these battery packs are fully customizable thanks to the flexibility of the internally developed and proprietary battery management system. 

FPT Industrial’s ePowertrain range is manufactured in a new plant inaugurated on October 18, 2022. This new site is fully dedicated to the production of electric axles and electric central drives for heavy commercial vehicles, and to the assembly of battery packs for LCVs, minibuses, and buses.

With a total area of over 150,000 sq ft, the ePowertrain plant features four parallel production lines for battery pack assembly – one for the 37 kWh battery packs and one for the 69 kWh version – production of central drives, and production of HCV eAxles. At full capacity, the ePowertrain plant will produce more than 20,000 batteries and 20,000 electrified axles per year.

The first totally carbon-neutral Iveco Group plant, the new production site achieves its sustainability targets by offsetting its CO2 emissions with the purchase of energy from renewable resources and carbon credits. In addition, the plant generates its own energy with solar panels on the façade and through innovative technologies such as a mini-wind tower and the “Smart Flower” – solar panels installed on a rotating base to track the movement of the sun.


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