Hatz and Hans Wegmüller in Switzerland

Hatz and Hans Wegmüller AG (HWAG) on 1 September 2018 for the expansion of the sales and service activities in Switzerland.

Hatz is one of the leading producers of mechanical air-cooled industrial engines with twelve locations worldwide. The decision to

wind up the site in Altendorf, Switzerland, and hand over sales and service activities to Hans Wegmüller AG was led by two reasons: a change in market requirements on the one hand and the expansion of the company’s own product portfolio on the other.

Bernhard Richter-Schützeneder, Hatz Director Sales and Marketing, commented: «With the new H-series, we brought a new generation of electronically controlled, liquid-cooled engines to market-readiness. As a result of expanding the application range we thereby naturally increased the number of parties interested in our products. Coping with this surge in interest would have meant extensive restructuring in terms of service in our Swiss branch, and moreover, having to address a completely new clientele. The danger of such expenditure not corresponding with the market radius of the location would have been relatively great. After in-depth analysis, we finally decided to hand over our presence there to an experienced partner».

Hatz and Hans Wegmüller to expand portfolio

The recruiting of this partner was possible thanks to the collaboration with HWAG. HWAG was founded in 1960 and is the long-term general representative of VM Motori and Telma. The company is also a sought-after contact for all services related to diesel engines and eddy current brakes, in Switzerland and beyond. The partnership led HWAG to complete an extensive training programme with Hatz in advance and gained intensive experience of the portfolio.


Bernhard Badertscher, Engine Sales and Technology at HWAG, said about it:

«The Hatz range rounds off our offering with high-quality solutions with lower displacement figures. Our team is highly motivated to present Hatz engines to our large network of customers and to impress existing customers in Switzerland with our service quality».

In conclusion the arrangement is winning for both parties: if Hatz benefits from far-reaching sales structures and service presence, HWAG can in fact expand its portfolio meaningfully.



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