It’s no surprise at all that Himoinsa gensets are powered by Yanmar engines, since the Japanese engine manufacturer announced the acquisition of the global genset company back in 2015. Whether we are talking about a fruitful collaboration or not, it’s up to the concrete applications carried out by the two companies. And this one seems quite interesting, indeed.

Let’s start from the very beginning. Himoinsa’s new HRYW-1275 D5/6 dual-frequency model in a special 20-foot container is a generator set with a 1,000-litre capacity tank and a power in P.R.P. of 1,278 and 1,305 kVA for 50 and 60 Hz respectively, perfect for continuous work during long periods of time and in several applications: mining, construction, oil extraction, events, ports, just to make a few examples.

himoinsa yanmar

Himoinsa’s HRYW-1275 D5/6 with Yanmar engine, model AY40L-ET

Himoinsa’s HRYW-1275 D5/6 is a genset that guarantees reduced operating costs. According to the manufacturer, «its Opex is inferior to that offered by other models of similar characteristics and power. Its fuel consumption is 182.2 L/h at 75 percent of the load (50Hz) and 189.8 L/h at 75 percent of the load (60Hz)».

This new generator incorporates Yanmar engine, model AY40L-ET, featuring the exclusive Yanmar patented ‘Assign’ combustion technology that ensures the best fuel consumption in its class for the entire operating profile, with a highly reliable mechanical control system, considerably reducing noise and smoke emissions.

himoinsa yanmar

Close collaboration between the engineering teams of Yanmar and Himoinsa

According to the statement from Himoinsa, «it is the first heavy-duty generator with a Yanmar engine, which has been designed in close collaboration between the engineering teams of Yanmar and Himoinsa in order to achieve the highest levels of quality, robustness and the maximum performance required to satisfy the power generation market needs». HIMOINSA became part of the Yanmar Group in 2015 and during this time industrial and commercial synergies between the two companies have been intensified in order to strengthen their position in the international market.

The HRYW-1275 D5/6 model incorporates a parallel control unit, easily accessible thanks to its independent external door, which allows the genset to be connected to other generators, thereby increasing the potential power according to the requirements of each project.


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