For Kohler, it’s a century of power. A name (power) that can be used in both senses of the English language. Kohler Power Systems, SDMO, Clarke Energy. Once upon the time when the manufacturer of the engine block manufacturer was missing. Now there is one, thanks to Kohler Engines of Reggio Emilia. We would like to tell you what the KPS people have told us in relation to the cooperation with Kohler Engines.

Here you can read the first part of the interview with Kohler management. The full interview, published on Diesel International 4/2020, is available here.

What has the incorporation of a world-renowned engine manufacturer like the former Lombardini changed in the organization of KPS?

More stringent emission regulations as well as manufacturing governance control have been contributing factors to the desire of Kohler Power Systems to become fully vertically integrated. With the acquisition of Lombardini in 2007, followed by the introduction of the KDI series diesel engines, Kohler is now in a position to offer product and global service of all product components through one support organization.

Kohler: a century of power

Kohler Engines invested in volume optimization, injection and after-treatment systems. Have you optimized the adaptation of an off-road engine to on-board PG unit?

The new KDI series engines also support the ‘PGEN’ load management function unique to Kohler Gensets offering fully integrated and automatic paralleling and load sharing of multiple gensets.

What is KPS’s approach to genset soundproofing, both Kohler-derived and other engines?

The optional Kohler enclosures are purposely designed for each model/rating whereby the main components are matched and tuned for airflow and temperature to maximize both the mechanical as well as airborne noise reduction. Several of the enclosure design details are patented and proprietary to Kohler.

Read the full interview on Diesel International 4/2020 @page 16



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