Kohler United. David Kohler, President and CEO of Kohler Co., flew to Manchester to sign the sponsorship agreement that will bind the Wisconsin company to the Red Devils.
After the deal between Universal Music and Fpt Industrial another duet is looming in the limelight between the world of entertainment and that of industrial engines.

Kohler United. Under the spotlights

Kohler United. TheKohler logo imprinted on the short sleeve acquires a different scope from the Fpt Industrial deal with Universal Music. We will explain this to you shortly. The core is surely the will to promote the internal combustion engines out of the narrow fence of the industrial applications perimeter. No longer just ancillaries to OEMs, but main character for the consumer audience. In other words, a ‘brand awarness’ project.

KDI engines platform is now tagging as the #specialone, such as Mr José Mourinho, the Manchester United coach.


Kohler United. The Old Trafford’s voice…

Manchester United’s Group Managing Director, Richard Arnold comments: «It is a pleasure to welcome Kohler to the Manchester United family as a principal partner and our first shirt sleeve sponsor for both the men’s and women’s teams. Our shirt is much more than what we wear, it embodies the passion of our fans and their allegiance to the club. Kohler is known around the world not only for its cutting-edge design and luxury products but also a genuine commitment to stewardship and sustainability and is an exciting addition to our family of commercial partners».

And the Kohler Co. CEO…

David Kohler, President and CEO of Kohler Co., says: «Our partnership with Manchester United provides new opportunities to showcase the quality of Kohler products and services with passionate fans of the most far-reaching and revered sports team on the planet. We are excited to help build our global brand among people who align themselves and their lifestyles, with leading-edge innovation and a desire to make the world a better place.
An essential component of the relationship is our support of the new professional women’s team, and we look forward to their debut and our ongoing support. Manchester United embodies sustained excellence in everything they do and our shared values are a perfect match as we expand our fast-growing international presence into new regions with purpose and a meaningful presence».


Kohler United. A worldwide and multitasking brand

The connections between Kohler and Manchester United invest worldwide distribution and common English-speaking features. United is the banner of football in North America and China, historically emerging markets in the modern football era.

Kohler company has its roots in 1873, the echoes of the American civil war gone out for just eight years, joining United the Kohler group has invested in the corporate dimension. In Europe synonymous with diesel engines, after the acquisition of Lombardini group, around the world is hegemonic on the gensets for marine applications (KPS and Kohler-Sdmo), in the field of premium resorts, and, above all, in the production of furniture and accessories for kitchens and bathrooms.


FPT Industrial: let’s go, XC13

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