MAN Energy Solutions, new name new strategy

MAN Energy Solutions is the new name that the company has given to the previous MAN Diesel & Turbo division. The choice reflects a new vision, new business strategies, and a new path. The transformation is both strategic and technological and looks to the future from a more sustainable perspective. The process started in 2017, and the goal of the new division is to become the main source of revenue by 2030. Strategic recalibration translates into practical application in the expansion of the product range of MAN Energy Solutions. In particular, the new direction looks at hybridization, storage, and digital service technologies.

«System technologies that help our customers to increase the efficiency of their plants and reduce emissions are already a significant part of our business, and also lead the way to a carbon-neutral future», said Uwe Lauber, Chairman of the Board at MAN Energy Solutions. «We will resolutely continue on this path of growth and increasingly become a supplier of complete solutions».

The global trend and the Paris agreements

With the rebranding, explains Lauber, the company also takes a clear position on the Paris climate agreements. «For the first time ever, the international community has set a climate target. We want to play our part in helping to achieve it. With our products and services, our activities have a significant impact on the global economy. In shipping, for example, we move more than half of the global stream of goods, while energy generation and industrial production also assume key roles on the path to fulfilling the Paris Agreement». This means moving towards a carbon-free society, states Lauber.

The use of alternative solutions based on natural gas, continues Lauber, represent a potential starting point. «Using Power-to-Gas technology, we can produce a number of completely carbon-neutral, synthetic gases. This can drastically reduce the CO2 impact of logistics and energy generation when used as fuel». At the same time, even hybrid solutions (gas and electricity, for example) and electric solutions gain visibility in the company strategy. Renewable sources, decentralized and flexible power plants will be increasingly fueled by these zero-emission fuels.

MAN Energy Solutions, ABB, and ETES

In relation to energy storage, for example, MAN Energy Solutions has recently introduced, together with ABB, ETES (Electrothermal Energy Storage). It is an innovative storage solution that can supply entire neighborhoods with electricity, heating, and cooling. «ETES is the only existing system that allows us to use, store and redistribute these resources all at the same time», said Lauber.

ETES stores large-scale electricity, heat, and cold for distribution to consumers. The system uses the surplus of renewable electricity to generate heat and cold for storage in isolated tanks during “recharge cycles”. Then, it is possible to turn heat and cold into electricity on request. It is also possible to distribute the cold and heat to different types of consumers. The importance of energy production and storage is essential in every sector. Creating sustainable energy networks will be a cardinal point of the strategy of the Energy Solutions division.

The technology of the turbomachinery and the design process of the charge and discharge cycle are the key elements. This is where Man Energy Solutions can express its full potential. ETES uses the hermetic MAN HOFIM compressor in the charging cycle.


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