Perkins Stage V engines, and particularly, the 2206J-E13TA engine model, power the new harvesters branded by Gomselmash, a primary manufacturer of harvesters, based in Belarus. We are referring to one of their latest machines, the powerful Palesse GS16.

The machine we’re talking about is a grain-harvesting combine, aimed at large agricultural enterprises that grow high-yield grains and other threshable crops. On the other hand, Gomselmash has been developing agricultural technology since 1930 and, in recent years, has turned its focus on developing high-quality, high-tech harvesters that are packed with user-friendly technologies and innovations.

Gomselmash Perkins
Gomselmash’s Palesse GS16 combine harvester

Why Gomselmash turned to Perkins for a Stage V engine

Here comes the request for a cleaner and reliable engine. The new model had to be Stage V compliant and ensure low running costs as well as the dependability necessary to support customers’ productivity on the farm. Perkins’ 2206J-E13TA engine has 388 kilowatts of power, innovative emissions technology, low installation and running costs.

Gomselmash Perkins
Perkins’ 2206J-E13TA engine

A valuable help in terms of machine design

As for the design stage, Perkins provided a digital model of the engine installation to help Gomselmash’s engineers visualise layout and design options and develop the necessary strength calculations for its machine.

We’ve been recently talking about another key feature introduced by Perkins and called CMET. It is a team (CMET stands for Customer Machine Engineering Team) of professionals with a vast experience of Perkins products and specialised skills in order to take projects from concept, all the way through to a functional fully tested machine or to the agreed prototype/production machine level.


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