First Wärtsilä GridSolv Quantum energy storage system with service agreement will help lower U.S. city’s electricity costs. We are talking about the commitment of the global company Wärtsilä in the field of energy storage, as we sometimes do.

What is the GridSolv Quantum system, then? Let’s read from the official statement. «The Wärtsilä GridSolv Quantum solution is a fully integrated modular and compact energy storage system. It is a pre-engineered and validated package with matrix site layout, designed for ease of deployment and sustainable energy optimisation for various project locations and market applications. Designed for flexibility and functionality, it is a complete solution that includes different sub systems – thermal management, safety and enclosure – that work together to deliver maximum safety at the lowest lifecycle cost».

Wärtsilä GridSolv Quantum
Wärtsilä’s next generation GridSolv Quantum will help balance the grid and build greater resiliency in the Southeast U.S.

Wärtsilä GridSolv Quantum energy storage system in Martinsville, Virginia

«Together with a 10-year Wärtsilä Guaranteed asset performance agreement, the system is estimated to provide substantial savings to the City of Martinsville, Virginia. AEP OnSite Partners, a US-based provider of customer centric distributed energy asset solutions, placed the order for the system in August. The Wärtsilä solution is scheduled to be delivered under an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract. The service agreement includes annual maintenance inspections, GEMS monitoring, extended product warranties, capacity, availability, and Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland (PJM) regional transmission organisation’s Performance score guarantees».

Wärtsilä GridSolv Quantum
With Wärtsilä Cloud Simulation Solution, Costamare MTS delivers digital learning to their students anytime and anywhere

Wärtsilä Cloud Simulation for a Greek training centre

However, the research carried out by the Wärtsilä Group does not involve only the stationary sector, but is rather addressed to the marine field. Wärtsilä Cloud Simulation solution is getting more and more widespread. The Costamare Maritime Training Services (Costamare MTS) centre in Greece is the latest facility to take advantage of the technology developed by Wärtsilä Voyage, enabling its students to continue their training despite travel and assembly restrictions imposed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It also allows the training centre to expand its services to seafarers who may not, for various reasons, be able to physically attend classes. The online installation will include navigational and engine room simulators to provide remote classroom configurations with instructor and multiple student stations.


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