BCS presents Spirit 70, the new BCS generation of compact medium-power tractors with high-end technological content and performance, equipped with a Kohler KDI 2504 engine.

The BCS Spirit 70 range was developed and built in the name of innovation and is equipped with advanced solutions that are unique in the panorama of isodiametric tractors. The line consists of tractors with standard reversible driving position intended for professional users and available in 4 versions: articulated, steering wheels, Dualsteer double steering system, or configured for mountain haymaking. Furthermore, it has been designed to improve maneuverability (the Dualsteer allows for a 60 ° steering angle) and also driving comfort, with an increase in wheelbase of 90 mm and the adoption of all suspended pedals to guarantee same ergonomics, whether it is traditional or reverse driving.

In fact, design, comfort and technology were the cornerstones that guided the creation of the new range of specialized tractors, for which the Stage V engine is not only a homologation, but also becomes an opportunity to improve even more the very concept of performance and ergonomics.

Spirit 70 also ensures the possibility of installing the 4.0 BCS Agriculture Kit: consisting of an electronic control unit “made in BCS” with Sim card, GPS antenna, tool for accessing a web portal, the 4.0 system allows the best hardware components and software to interface with the technology already installed on the tractors, offering a perfectly integrated solution on the vehicles and fully compliant with the requirements for access to the 50% tax benefit provided for by the tax credit.

The transmission has been profoundly renewed and offers a new Easy Plus clutch, the Power Clutch System, and is equipped with Smart Brake and Go, in order to have nothing to envy to the technological contents of top-of-the-range tractors. Precisely to ensure maximum efficiency, the mechanical part of the transmission has also been reinforced and adapted to the professional objectives that the new Spirit 70 range is called upon to satisfy.

BCS Spirit 70: under the hood, Kohler

Finally, it is worth mentioning the 63 hp 4-cylinder Turbo Intercooler engine with particulate filter, on which BCS worked in collaboration with Kohler for an advanced regeneration strategy, which guarantees maximum performance and minimization of downtime. This is the KDI 2504, winner of the Diesel of the Year in 2012.


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