Although Kohler is a certainty, there is an air of renewal in the air for the Volcan 85: BCS‘s reversible isodiametric tractors with evolved transmission and EasyPlus clutch have been given a makeover to mark the launch of the 2024 model year. Available in the ‘AR’ version with an articulated frame, ‘RS’ and ‘MT’ versions with steering wheels, with the Dualsteer dual steering system or in the ‘AI-Tractor’ version, the renewed Volcan 85 tractors feature a new driver’s position, a new Category 4 cab, more hydraulics and a completely new look with full LED headlights replacing the previous halogen lights.

For the Volcan 85 BCS chose the KDI 2504 TCR

As usual, BCS has relied on Kohler for the propulsion system. Specifically, the Volcan 85 is powered by the KDI 2504 TCR, a 4-cylinder turbo intercooler common rail engine with a maximum power output of 55.2 kW at 2,300 rpm, and torque of 300 Nm at 1,500 rpm. The transmission features a 16 AV + 16 RM synchronised gearbox with Easy Plus clutch and Smart Brake & Go function, useful for restarts on the roughest terrain. There is also a synchronised shuttle which, in the case of the Volcan 85 M.Y. 2024, is equipped with the Power Clutch System button.

Let’s continue with the hydraulic system

The range of hydraulic distributors has been expanded for even more customisation to the customer’s specific needs. It is a dual-circuit system with independent pumps and heat exchanger, with as many as 12 rear hydraulic outlets in total (rising to 13 in the version with joystick – also new with ergonomic grip – thanks to the addition of a second 3/8″ free outlet), all now positioned on the mudguards. The oil cooling circuit is also new, increasing performance. And, while the levers for operating the spool valves are grouped on the right side of the driver’s seat, the designers have also added a spin-on pressure filter to ensure better oil cleanliness and greater protection of the hydraulic components. The capacity of the rear linkage at the kneecaps is 2,300 kg.

And what about the chassis?

Currently the transmissions are entirely mechanical, the evolution will not involve powershift or continuously variable transmissions, but rather a minimal implementation with hydraulic shuttle and Hi-Lo with a view to moving towards the electrification of the driveline in the near future.


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