John Deere is updating the range of 8000 and 9000 Series forage harvesters for the year 2023. The focus is mainly on the smaller 8000 Series models, but important improvements will also be made to the 9000 Series to further increase performance. In addition, a top-of-the-range machine will be added to the pick-up line, the 30R, which increases yield especially in the high-power segment.

John Deere: new 8000 Series harvesters 

In addition to the new design, the 8100, 8200 and 8300 models will have more power. The 8100 forage harvester with the 9-liter engine will deliver a maximum power of 431 hp and will replace the current 8200. The 8200 forage harvester will be equipped with a larger 13.5-liter engine, which will increase its power by 34 hp thus reaching 465 CV. The increase in power of the smaller 8000 Series models is finally completed with the new 8300, which will deliver a maximum power of 505 hp instead of the current 490 hp.

To further improve performance and reduce operating costs, the Dura Line grit breaker features a new coating, the BusaCLAD. This coating has been specially developed for the most heavily stressed machine components and is available for all 8000 and 9000 Series models. In addition to longer life, it lowers wear costs per ton.

9000 Series: what are the news?

Similar to the 9500 and 9600 forage harvesters, the 9700 model will feature the JD18X engine, which does not require the diesel emissions additive (DEF). The John Deere 18-liter engine, in addition to increasing the performance of the forage harvester, introduces the HarvestMotion Plus concept, which is capable of generating an exceptional increase in torque and even more power at low engine speeds. As a result, the 9700 forage harvester will deliver up to 825 hp.

In addition, all 9000 Series self-propelled forage harvesters will be equipped with the new 20 cm longer spout than the previous version. Thanks to the optimized profile and design, it increases productivity and guarantees a better view during chopping. The additional openings also facilitate maintenance.

John Deere 30R

The new 30R: the high-performance pick-up

To take full advantage of John Deere power, Kemper has developed the new 30R grass pickup with a working width of 2.7 meters. Equipped with a large diameter 80 cm auger, larger 20 cm auger turns and 6 tine bars with 6.5 mm teeth, the new R-Series pick ups are designed for high yield. In addition, to achieve maximum performance in the next chopping seasons, the 30R features a chainless drive and reinforced wear parts, which reduce maintenance costs.

AutoSetup: quick and easy job planning

John Deere offers a range of solutions to increase operator comfort during the busy chopping season. One of them is AutoSetup. If your machine is equipped with a JDLink modem you can exchange data wirelessly and free of charge with the John Deere Operations Center. This allows you to configure, plan and monitor your workflows in a single online portal. Using John Deere AutoSetup it is therefore possible to send this information to the forage harvesters directly in the field. Pre-programmed work activities automatically appear on the Gen 4 display when the machine crosses the designated field boundary. This allows the driver to directly access the correct lanes, work settings and field boundaries.


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