Deutz and Agritalia. There are not only the TCD3.6 and TCD2.9 on the list of the most popular Germans in agriculture OEMs. The 2.2-litre, modular three-cylinder version of the Diesel of the Year 2008 4-cylinder also appeals to tractor manufacturers. This is the case of Agritalia, from the North East of Italy, which is specialized in… specialized (tractors).

Deutz and Agritalia
Agritalia Compact

Deutz and Agritalia: a ‘Compact’ business

The ‘Three horses company’ (look at the logo) has expanded its offer of specialized tractors with the introduction of the new range called Carraro Compact. Designed and produced in the Agritalia plant in Rovigo (close to Verona and Venice), with its own axles and transmissions, the new series is powered by Deutz TCD2.2 Stage V three-cylinder engines with power ratings from 44.8 to 55,1 kW) (from 61 to 75 hp).

Deutz and Agritalia
TCD2.2 at Bauma 2019

Designed to achieve maximum agility while maintaining the specifications of a true specialized tractor, these innovative tractors are designed for the professional farm. Carraro wanted to combine the traditional Agricube series with a product that would meet those needs that, due to specific territorial and niche characteristics, have often been neglected by other manufacturers. The result is two exclusive versions: Vigneto (V) and Vigneto Largo Basso (VLB). The former is mainly intended for vineyards that require a maximum of 1 metre outside, such as Franciacorta (Brescia province, Lombardy), Bordeaux and Alsace (in France). The second is intended for all those crops and territories that need a tractor with great stability (guaranteed by the low centre of gravity) and steering capacity. Six models are available overall: 60V, 70V, 75V, 60VLB, 70VLB and 75VLB. The exceptional turning capacity at the end of the row allows these new models to compete with isodiametric tractors, with the advantage of higher traction and stability with towed loads. Of considerable interest is the possibility of even modulating the height of the mudguards according to wheel size (20 or 24 inches).

Narrow turning to move on the vineyards

The Carraro Compact V is characterised by a minimum width of just 1,005 millimetres, a record value for the category which makes it extremely competitive in the new generation vineyards with very small inter-row widths. In addition, the Carraro Compact V is characterised by a wheelbase reduced by 100 millimetres compared to the other versions (1,800 millimetres compared to 1,900); this specification gives it greater agility and a turning radius comparable to that of articulated isodiametric tractors, but with much greater traction and stability. All versions can be configured with three different transmissions: 12/12 and synchronised shuttle, 24/24 with synchronised shuttle and Hi-Lo, 24/12 with electro-hydraulic shuttle and Hi-Lo. The hydraulic system features a double pump, 50 plus 30 litres per minute; the electronically controlled rear power lift has a maximum capacity of 1,800 kg.



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