Doosan‘s crawler excavators in the 20 to 25 tonne segment are powered by Korean DL06 engines. The 6-cylinder units deliver 124 kW (166 hp) at 1800 rpm, 131 kW (176 hp) at 1800 rpm and 141 kW (189 hp) at 1900 rpm for the DX210-7, DX245NHD-7 and DX235LCR-7, respectively.

A good in-house strategy with DL06 engines

The DL06V has been upgraded to meet and exceed Stage V regulatory requirements without the need for exhaust gas recirculation, which increases the volume of air available during combustion, raising the temperature of the process and significantly reducing the amount of particulate matter produced. This is combined with a highly efficient DOC/DPF+SCR aftertreatment system to ensure emissions are kept to a minimum. Thanks to the new technology, diesel particulate filter (DPF) maintenance requirements are significantly lower, with no intervention required before 8000 hours of operation.

DX210 excavators

The new DX210-7, DX210NLC-7 and DX210LC-7 excavators offer a choice of short and wide, long and narrow or long and wide track configurations respectively. The new short-track DX210-7 is ideal for use on soft surfaces that require less ground pressure and therefore wider skids, offering the advantage of transportability with 700 mm or even 800 mm skids, but with a width of less than 3 m. The narrow-track DX210NLC-7 excavator is especially designed for markets such as Italy, where local regulations and customer preferences favour narrow-track machines, thus enriching Doosan’s offering with another high-performance option in the 20 tonne segment. Perfect for rental companies, the new DX210LC-7 has a long track configuration similar to that of the larger DX235LC model.


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