The integrated generator module ZF Terra+. The efforts aimed at reducing emissions in agriculture may include the whole powertrain of tractors. Not only the engine, then, but also transmissions and other key components. At Agritechnica, ZF has presented a solution for high and low-voltage systems for continuously variable tractor transmissions of the Terramatic series in which the generator module ZF Terra+ is integrated in the housing of the transaxle.

ZF Terra+
Generator Module Terra+ High Voltage


Mechanical power supplied by the engine is converted into electric power and can be used directly for the implement or the tractor. Through the generation and use of electric power, a higher diesel engine performance can be allowed as it is not transferred to the mechanical transmission drivetrain but directly converted into electric power.


High and low-voltage

A relatively large combustion engine, for example, can thus be combined with a smaller transmission(transmission downsizing). By using the available electric power, it is also possible for a lighter tractor to operate larger implements in combination with an electric traction drive.

The generator module ZF Terra+ includes two different versions: in the high voltage one, the high-voltage generator and inverters serve as a tractor power source, delivering up to 80 kilowatts of continuous electric power. Furthermore, an extension to a hybrid system is possible. As for Terra+ low-voltage version, for applications with a continuous electric power requirement up to approximately 20 kilowatts are electric motors and inverters to 48 V low-voltage transmissions suitable as used in passenger car hybrid transmissions.

ZF Terra+
Generator Module Terra+ Low Voltage


ZF Terra+ and the eTRAC series

With single wheel drive and central drive concepts, ZF showed how electromechanical systems can also be applied in off-highway applications. The electrification of the driveline with electrified PTO as well as the electric single wheel drive of the ZF eTRAC series ensure ideal forward driving in the field, as well for the trailer as for the implement (traction management).


The scope of deployment for these innovations is wide ranging. Electric driven axle systems for trailers as well as electric driven stabilizer wheels for various implements are just some examples to be mentioned. Thanks to controlled traction support on implements and due to the higher system performance, the power of impact of the tractor-trailer unit is increased and working under difficult conditions is made easier.

ZF Terra+
Electric axle drive for trailers


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