John Deere, Stage V at Intermat Paris 2018

John Deere approaches Intermat with its new 13.6 liters that in Stage V will replace the 13.5. John Deere showed the creature for the first time to the audience of the earthmoving sector, in Las Vegas. now it is time for Europe. The 13.6 liters will not be alone on the stage of Intermat. In fact, the company will showcase all the Stage V units, from 36 to 500 kilowatts. The 2.9 captive engine will be there, as well as the other ones popular within OEMs and tractors manufacturers. The 4.5, the 6.8, the 9, and, of course, the 13.6 liters.

Intermat, the right place for new solutions

At the Intermat Paris 2018, it will be possible to witness and touch the new entry. It represents a big step forward in the top range since it pushes on the accelerator pedal. In other words, with the 13.6 liters, the power curve gains more than 10 percentage points. In comparison to the former 13.5 liters, it means an increase of kilowatts from 448 up to 500.

Always compared to the 13.5, the 13.6 liters features an architectural restyling that resulted in a compacted sizing. This will allow a better positioning on the front overhang of operating machines. This includes big tractors and, as the participation at the two mentioned events suggests, a wide range of worksite machines. An additive feature opens the door to new and wider matchings in terms of hydraulic pumps. The hydraulic regulators have been designed to ease the mode of operation of the valves, in order to reduce components wear and fuel consumption.

After treatment on the eve of Stage V

John Deere Power Systems took advantage of the 900 million hours of tests carried during Tier 4 Interim – Stage IIIB and Tier 4 Final phases. It doesn’t mean giving up on exhaust gas recirculation. Instead, all the trials point to the development and the integration of particulate filtration technologies. With Stage V getting closer, it is getting more and more something to seriously deal with.


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