Landini 5 Series, the big shot of the Italian AG brand, doesn’t deny its propulsion mission. Deutz AG is the partner. Ad you know, ARGO Group, of which Landini is a member, made a technical choice for Tier 4 Final. This option was been renewed for the Stage V compliant tractors. Up 120 kW threshold there is FPT Industrial, below the line there is Deutz AG. With some exception, isn’t, Kohler?

Landini 5 Series

Landini Landini 5 Series. With the Deutz TCD3.6

There is no mention of Stage V in this case. The 5 Series is equipped with the 4-cylinder, 3.6-litre, Turbo Intercooler with Common Rail electronic injection and EGR + DOC system to comply with Stage 3B / Tier 4 Interim emissions regulations.
There is, however, computer-controlled Common Rail fuel injection to reduce fuel consumption and maximise performance. Also contributing to these objectives is the Engine Memo Switch system, which stores and recalls the engine speed deemed optimal for the implement being used. The 120-litre fuel tank ensures ample working autonomy.
The EGR, together with the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, eliminates the regeneration of exhaust gases, and therefore the need for the DPF.

Landini 5 Series

Talking about the tractor

The Landini 5 Series, with a power range from 72,7 kW to 83,1 kW (from 99 hp to 113 hp), is one of the most versatile agricultural machines available, being extremely customisable and an excellent ‘mate’ for all kinds of work: from open field operations, such as soil preparation, sowing and managing the entire haymaking cycle, to barn operations, carried out in complete safety. Designed and engineered to be capable of tackling all kinds of tasks with maximum reliability and comfort, the 5 Series is the perfect choice for medium-sized farms that operate mainly independently and do not want to make excessive investments in their machinery. The new range of tractors allows a very high level of customisation to best meet the specific needs of each farm.

The pleasure be versatile

The 5 Series is an extremely versatile tractor, not least because it allows you to choose from a wide range of different transmissions to best meet the specific needs of each farm. The range extends from the 12 HP + 12 RM Speed Four with mechanical reverse shuttle to the 48 HP + 16 RM T-Tronic electrohydraulic transmission with H-M-L, Super Reducer and hydraulic reverse shuttle. Eight configurations are available.






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