Orefice Generators made his approach to Lng at the meeting known as ‘Comit LNG‘. The project has five main players: Tecnogas (international leader in the design and construction of Lng plants), Comit Group (general contractor in the Oil & Gas sector), Tecnoproject (engineering company specialized in plant design), Technoimpianti Apm (international tank manufacturer for Lng) and, of course, Orefice Generators.

Orefice Generators, LNG and Comit. Meloni’s words

Regarding this initiative for the promotion of liquefied natural gas, which is now expanding from large commercial vessels to heavy transport, Federico Meloni, founder and delegate of the joint venture, said: «I know that our structure has high skills in the field of Lng plants, thanks to components that over the years have distinguished themselves internationally for their creations, both from a functional and technological point of view».

Orefice Generators Lng

«Our sector of interest will be the plants powered by LNG, whether they are used in the industrial sector, in the transport sector (with service stations) or to feed the gas networks». stated Meloni, who continued saying that «the joint venture was born to satisfy customers in the Sardinia and Corsica regions, and it will have three main locations: Cagliari, Marrubiu / San Nicolò d’Arcidano and Olbia. In addition to the power stations and service stations sector, the joint venture will also try to meet the demands of those customers who want to have a Lng transport vehicle. For the next year the joint venture will also be at the Lng Expo, organized by the Lng Conference, and it will also be one of the main promoters, together with LNG Conference and Lng Sardinia of the 5th edition of “Island of Energy“, an international congress on LNG in Sardinia».


In conclusion, Federico Meloni recalls that «Our team, thanks to the beginning of the work for the coastal storage of Santa Giusta, will be immediately operational to give the maximum technical / economic support to all those customers who are evaluating the use of Lng as an economical and clean fuel for their companies».

Orefice Generators. From Sardinia to the rest of the world

Andrea Orefice, General Manager of Orefice Generators, spoke to us about the power generation Oem: «The power sizes with which we obtain the best results are those between 60 KVA and 600 KVA, mainly using Fpt Industrial and Mwm Navistar engines, in particular, the Maxxforce series, produced in India. Currently, 90% of our production is for the stand-by segment, however we are approaching the Prime segment, where the rental has a high relevance, with a very positive approach to Stage V. One of our strengths is flexibility, so we willingly wait for the rental market to start making its first requests».

Orefice continues talking about Stage V and the Recogeno system: «Among the solutions for engines proposed to date, the most convincing one seems to be the one of Fpt. Wanting to deepen the topic related to the new generation of Stage V engines intended for ‘rental’ applications, it seems that one of the weak points (but not only for Stage V) is the use of low and constant workload regimes. To solve this problem we are experimenting on Stage III engines with our Recogeno technology, created for heat recovery, but, if necessary, also useful for compensating electrical loads that are too low».

Coming soon: Orefice Generators on a new application, with a Baudouin engine.



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