Perkins Syncro and Dieci truck mixers. In these words you have all you need to understand the significant upgrade of the compact engines from Peterborough in the off-highway business. We have already referred to the popularity that the 3.6-litre Syncro family is having among telehandlers, including Dieci itself. And it is precisely the Italian manufacturer, who relies on Kubota and Fpt Industrial, to carve a space for the Syncro even under the bonnets of the L3500, L4700 and F7000 truck mixers.

Perkins Syncro and Dieci truck mixers

Perkins Syncro and Dieci truck mixers. Starting form the engine block

The 3.6-litre diesel engine was put to the test on about eighty machines to follow the two trajectories indicated by the designers: the best volumetric adaptability, to suited to the engine room of compact machines (telescopic, backhoe loaders, medium power tractors, etc.) setting the performances curves, adjusting the speed to the rpm. It is not so much the torque peak that has taken sleep away from the engineers in Peterborough, in the USA (Texas and Georgia) and in Asia, as the specific curves between 1,000 and 2,000 rpm, which must remain elastic and with a good torque rise. The Syncro engines use 90% of the same components and use EGR at high pressure, with double cooling, and differ from the policy of the single module, separating the SCR from the canning of DOC and DPF.

What about the machine?


Dieci supplies nine models, equipped by Syncro, with two power ratings: 85.9 kW (115 HP) and 100 kW (136 HP). AB L3500 truck mixer is the low entry, AB F 7000 CCS is on the top. Concrete yield range is from 2,5 m3 to 5 m3, shovel capacity has two capacity levels, 500 liters and 600 liters, maximum speed (referred to wheels with maximum permitted diameter) reaches 27 km/h. ICE works together with an hydrostatic with variable displacement pump.

Perkins Syncro and Dieci truck mixers

















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