Welcome back, Perlini. The famous Italian dumper manufacturer is operational again and has chosen Scania as its engine partner. Dario Poltronieri, Project Manager, has had a very specific task for a couple of years now: to put the Perlini name at the centre of the construction equipment market, and of dump trucks in particular, on behalf of the Cangialeoni Group. «One of the first customers I visited, after the acquisition of Perlini by the Cangialeoni Group, used the term ‘Perlini’ to indicate dump trucks, in general, also those of different manufacturers. This is perhaps a trivial example but, coming from another sector, it made me immediately understand how deeply rooted the brand is in the market. And how such a legacy should not be overlooked».

Perlini and Scania
Scania engine installation details

Perlini and Scania. A deal to run again

The new management allowed Perlini’s ‘new course’ to start, as early as 2019, immediately after Bauma Munich, the project of a new 40 ton weight dump truck (DP 405 WD), presented to some customers and powered by a 12 litre Stage V Scania 404 kilowatt in-line 6 cylinder engine. Another machine, to be launched at Samoter in October, is the 70-tonne DP 705 WD for which a 16.4-litre, 566 kilowatt Scania DC 16 Stage V engine was chosen. Why Swedish engines? «I think they are number one. Scania’s support was optimal, as was the engine integration. We knew right away that there was the right humus to do a great job, and the response of the engines to the first tests, with the dump trucks working under particularly challenging conditions on sites with gradients of up to 18 per cent, gave even better results than expected. The ‘heavyweight’ of the range, the nearly 1,000 kg dump truck, is fitted with a 16-cylinder Mtu Tier 2 engine delivering 783 kilowatts of power. In this case, precisely because of the characteristics and performance required of the engine, the Stage V road is simply not on the way».


Perlini and Scania




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