These are customer-inspired solutions, both the electric tractor and the liquefied natural gas one.” The statement is by Scott Wine, CEO of CNH Industrial, who, by presenting the New Holland T4 electric tractor, opened the ball at the Group’s first Tech Day, after the spin-off of Iveco and Fpt.

The location is the Arizona desert, about forty minutes from Phoenix. And we were there. Words, those of Wine, which decline the concept of sustainability in the forms and times of agricultural mechanization. “CNH Industrial’s Agriculture business for the full year 2022 net sales revenue is anticipated to include an estimated $900 million in contributions attributable solely to precision technology components. Over the next two to three years, we anticipate an average annual growth rate of approximately 10% to 15% for these components, and by 2023, we are firmly targeting approximately $1 billion in net sales revenue from Precision Technology components. These elements include the technology contained in the finished products, components for retrofitting and revenues from sales of Raven to third parties.”

New Holland and Cnh Industrial (the industrial giant to which it belongs) drop a hand of very heavy axes, in the wake of that long-awaited energy transition which has been channeling the efforts of producers, legislators and operators for years now. In addition to the announcement of new collaborations and the presentation of technological innovations for precision agriculture, the brand’s latest tractor innovations were in fact unveiled during the Tech Day held in Phoenix. Among which, undoubtedly, the New Holland T4 Electric Power stands out. In other words, the first fully electric utility tractor prototype, with autonomous functions.

With a maximum power delivered by the electric motor of up to 120 horsepower and a high-performance maximum torque of up to 440 Nm, the New Holland T4 Electric Power is the result of the synergies established between American (Burr Ridge, Detroit) and Italian (Modena) of the group who, for the occasion, also collaborated with the Monarch Tractor team, a Californian company active in the field of tractor electrification, of which CNH Industrial is one of the main investors. The prototype, among other things, will also be extended to the similar commercial ranges of Case IH, another brand part of the CNH Industrial group. In addition to the fundamental contribution of Monarch, however, there is also an echo of FPT Industrial, and thus the synergy with the British Potenza Technologies and the Texan Microvast. Control systems, electronics mapping, chemistry, pulse stability, battery packs: the electrification primer is the in-house heritage of the Iveco Group, which despite the spin-off remains a close and collaborative relative of CNH Industrial.

T4 Electric Power, the first piece of New Holland’s future

Depending on the type of use, the tractor battery pack guarantees up to a full day of operation. When using commercially available fast charging systems, it only takes one hour to reach 100% power. The tractor’s electrical sockets support daily tasks on the farm, such as welding or drilling.

The new utility, which will begin production in late 2023, can also serve as a backup power generator for daily or emergency needs and provides power for electrical equipment. In addition, traditional mechanical and hydraulic tools and the PTO can also be used. The vehicle will be launched on the market with a dual traction system (therefore with four-wheel drive), and will be able to reach a speed of 40 km/h.

A (futuristic) ninja in the fields: technology and silence

During trials, the T4 Electric Power demonstrated excellent performance compared to a conventional diesel tractor. Its extraordinary response makes it more capable and efficient and allows for greater traction control. Smoother gear shifting and reversing make driving even more enjoyable. It is a vehicle capable of reducing operating costs by up to 90%, thanks to the elimination of diesel costs and associated maintenance costs. And it’s quiet too.

Noise has in fact been reduced by up to 90% and vibrations are significantly attenuated. In this way, the stringent municipal regulations on noise are respected, so as to allow its use at night; the well-being of the livestock is also protected, especially when working inside covered areas, such as stables.

Automation above all

However, what makes this tractor a world first are its automated and autonomous features. Together, these technologies provide cutting-edge solutions to support operators of various experience levels. The roof of the T4 Electric Power houses sensors, cameras and control boxes that activate its advanced autonomous and automated functions.

Farmers can remotely activate the tractor via a smartphone app. Shadow – Follow Me mode allows operators to synchronize machines to work together. A 360-degree perception system detects and avoids obstacles. Automated guidance and telematics systems keep all functions under operator control. Fleet management features allow the farm manager to assign tasks to each individual machine.

Implement recognition ensures that the tractor connects perfectly to the required implement. Furthermore, integrated digital services allow farmers to operate the tractor from anywhere, at any time, monitoring its performance and battery charge level.

The T4 Electric Power features the New Holland Clean Blue color – the same as the new T7 Methane Power Lng (Liquefied Natural Gas) launched at Tech Day. The leaf icon, symbol of the brand, illuminated and also inserted in the characteristic rear lights, visually distinguishes it from conventional diesel tractors. All the liveries of the new range of sustainable tractors were designed by the Industrial Design Team of CNH Industrial.

Scott W.Wine, CEO of CNH Industrial

The comment 

The T4 Electric Power is the ideal solution for operations requiring low power. It is suitable for mixed farms, livestock, fruit farms, municipalities, and specialist applications. We know our customers are eager to adopt this technology and it is therefore natural to continue our journey towards agricultural electrification on this platform,” commented Marc Kermisch, Chief Digital & Information Officer, CNH Industrial.

The T4 Electric Power joins the New Holland T7 Methane Power Lng and T6 Methane Power tractors, enriching a portfolio of products powered by alternative energy sources, demonstrating CNH Industrial’s commitment to the sustainable progress of agriculture, in favor of farmers from all over the world.


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