Voith Rail Engine: Voith and Liebherr

Voith rail engine. Willi Liebherr (President of the Administrative Board of Liebherr-International AG) and Uwe Knotzer (Member of the Corporate Board of Management of Voith) unveiled the Voith Rail Engine at InnoTrans2018 in Berlin.

Voith Rail Engine


The cooperation entered into by Voith and Liebherr in September 2017 and the new drive solution is the first milestone of the partnership. Voith Rail Engine is a powerful and low-emission engine for rail vehicles and is the result of joint development efforts of both technology-leading companies. Knotzer and Liebherr also provided insights into the current development status of the product, which will be available in 2020.

During the joint presentation Knotzer and Liebherr shared their excitement about the cooperation commenting: «With this partnership, we clearly demonstrate our comprehensive approach to shaping the mobility of the future. We combine our expertise in rail traffic with Liebherr’s long-standing experience as an
engine manufacturer».

The technical data are convincing: with an output power of up to 480 kW the engine offers a maximum torque of 2,800 Nm. This means it delivers up to 23 percent more power and consumes up to eight percent less fuel than comparable engines. Furthermore, the new engine has the lowest emission values amongst all similar outputs and meets the new “Stage V” emissions standard of the European Union.


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