Shaman’s off-road soul…

Shaman is the evocative name that Wamah gave to its brand new all-terrain vehicle. The unique design is due to the fact that it was created from scratch. The target of this project was a vehicle capable of providing power on land, as well as lightness on water. But also snow, swamps, sand, mountains and forests are in Shaman’s control.

…and Iveco heart

The beating heart of this vehicle is branded Fpt, that provides diesel turbocharged engines. The 3.0 liters engine, guarantees a maximum torque of 350 newtonmeter already at 1200 rpm. It allows the vehicle to ride off-road with a minimum steady speed of 2 kilometers per hour. On hard-surface roads it can reach a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Wamah declares that Shaman consumes, on average, 20 liters of fuel every 100 kilometers.


Built tough

All the transmission units options are assembled in an airtight water displacement aluminum boat. The boat also features forced ventilation in order to guarantee normal thermal conditions. This means that the access to the transmission units is from the interior through quick-detachable floors. Shaman has 8 driving wheels, and each of them has an independent suspension system. They feature double transverse A-shaped levers with an independent spring and shock absorber. With the original wheel reduction gear it is possible to use low-pressure tires. These can reach the size of 1.300 x 700 millimeters. Wamah ensures there is no risk of damaging transmission part. The company recommends Avtoros Max-Trim tires  series (1.300 x 700 millimeters) or the X-Trim one (1.200 x 600). These last ones make Shaman suitable for public road traffic.

Three steering modes are available. Front axle turn, precision steering and crab steering. Switching between them is achieved while driving. The vehicle features Hella Led modules as main optics for they protect from dust and save energy. Searchlights, light-bars and work lights are also available. Onboard instruments include a digital tachometer, a speedometer, gauges of coolant temperature and oil pressure. Lcd screens provide all the main information. Automatic wheel pumping control, transmission locks and steering mode selection are on panels. Concerning the interior, Shaman has two configurations, the “Hunter“, and the “Tourist“.

Waterproof body

The vehicle has a quick-detachable hydraulic propeller that is on the rear of the boat for water obstacles. An automatic water pumping system, and a drain Kingston valve help to keep everything dry. By water, the all-terrain vehicle moves at a speed of 2 kilometers per hour, with wheels rotation. With the propeller, it can reach 7 kilometers per hour.



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