Himoinsa has developed a compact 1MW gas genset aimed at reducing carbon and noise emissions as well as lowering operating costs. The HGS-1030 NG/LPG generator, capable to work with both NG and LPG without loss of power, was designed within a 40-foot container, as there is no need to install any external elements, thus ensuring quite a compact powergen solution. Additionally, the genset opens on both sides, leaving the entire generator in view and facilitating maintenance intervals of up to 1,500 hours.

We remind you that Himoinsa will take part in the second web event of the Sustainable Powertrain Tour, on July 15.

Himoinsa 1MW gas genset: technical features

The HGS-1030 NG/LPG has a built-in 56-litre, low compression V-16-cylinder Siemens engine with a double bearing Stamford alternator with flexible coupling for maximum durability, strength and vibration-free operation. 

It also incorporates a hydraulic kit designed to cool the two high and low temperature engine circuits as well as temperature and pressure sensors throughout the circuit, expansion vessels to stabilise the pressure and three-way valves to control the flow of cooling water.

«We have designed a power solution with the ability to adapt to various gas qualities, as well as to emergency, prime or continuous applications. It has been designed to adapt to all types of climatic conditions, such as tropical environments, desert areas or high altitudes, for example, which means it can run in a vast number of locations. It is an extremely versatile unit with very low operating costs that does not require assembly, just a gas supply and a power output», declared Manuel Aguilera, Global Gas Unit Head at Himoinsa. 

The user can select the type of gas

The generator can operate on both natural gas and LPG thanks to ignition maps that can be adjusted by the renter and stored in the Siemens engine control system. The user can select the type of gas available in the application via the touch panel and obtain maximum net power output thanks to the unit’s excellent carburation and regardless of which gas is used.

Thanks to these adjustments and the engine design, the generator set delivers the same power level for both Natural Gas and LPG, something rarely seen in the gas-powered generation industry at this power level. 

«This represents a clear advantage for the rental company, as it means it does not reduce its income, since it continues to deliver 1MW to its customer regardless of the fuel used», added Manuel Aguilera.


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