mtu 16V 2000 DS1250 gensets will soon provide standby power system for Just Evotec biomanufacturing facility in in Redmond, Washington (US). The plant features small, intensified bioprocessing operations housed inside autonomous cleanrooms to create a flexible and deployable biomanufacturing space.

The two mtu 16V 2000 DS1250 diesel gensets used for the project are provided by Pacific Power Group, a power generation expert and authorized mtu distributor based in Auburn, Washington.

mtu gensets at Just Evotec facility: backup power solution

The backup power solution features mtu onboard paralleling, sound-attenuating weather-protective enclosures and UL fuel tanks. The system will feature generator-mounted motorized circuit breakers for proper paralleling operation and is seismic certified, safeguarding operation even in the event of unexpected ground acceleration levels.

«It’s been a pleasure to execute this project over the past two years, from the preliminary design stages to now the delivery and commissioning of the mtu gensets», said Dmitry Kraskovsky, senior sales manager, Pacific Power Group.

Once completed, the new facility will serve as a late-stage clinical and commercial manufacturing plant and will mark Just Evotec Biologic’s first North American location to feature its J.POD design technology. 

New brand architecture at Rolls-Royce Power Systems

Rolls-Royce Power Systems now presents itself to the world with a reorganized brand architecture. Rolls-Royce will be the corporate and employer brand. The mtu brand, which is well known to customers, will be reinforced as the sole product and solution brand.

mtu gensets Just Evotec

«The visible result is that all the business unit’s subsidiaries, which have hitherto had MTU in their names, will be renamed to contain the wording ‘Rolls-Royce Solutions’. At product level, the ‘MTU Onsite Energy’ brand for distributed power supply systems will be discontinued and merged within the mtu brand», stated the company.

The process started on June 15, when the five largest operating companies representing mtu products and solutions have been renamed. MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH will become Rolls-Royce Solutions GmbH. The names of the regional companies in America and Asia, and the German subsidiaries in Augsburg and Ruhstorf will include the appropriate geographical references. The other local and regional companies of Rolls-Royce Power Systems will be renamed by the end of 2021.


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