To be precise, 63 times Bruno Generators and Scania will be stationed in fire stations in Italy. As many as there are 230 kVA Scania-powered gensets that will be allocated to the various regional command posts of the National Fire Brigade (Vigili del Fuoco, in Italian). This supply will increase the numbers of the Regional Mobile Columns in the modular readiness structures. The structures, effectively and rapidly mobilised by means and men according to the types of risk recurring in the national territory, will provide adequate energy to respond to emergency situations, such as earthquakes, floods or environmental disasters of various kinds.

Scania e Bruno Generators: una relazione cominciata nel 2019

It was the year 2019 and, as chance would have it, the stage was Bauma Munich. Bruno Generators announced the coveted Stage V homologation there. Inside the casing was the 13-litre, orange, 450 kVA unit. In this case, the solution proposed by Bruno turned out to be the most suitable to meet the Ministry’s demands for performance, reliability and service. The gensets, based on Scania’s Stage V range, will be equipped with a roll-off system with retractable rollers. This is an advanced engineering solution that allows the genset to be quickly loaded or unloaded in ready-to-use conditions and without suffering deformation. Specifically, the engine chosen is the DC09 320A, 5-cylinder 9-litre common rail, in the 250 kVA power setting. The gensets are scheduled to be delivered to the fire brigade between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, a timeline that will be met thanks to Scania’s vertical production for which most of the components are manufactured in-house.

Quoting Bruno Generators

Right from the early planning stages, Bruno Generators chose Scania as the official partner for this tender, which required Stage V compliant engines,” says Gianluca Genua, Sales Director Italy at Bruno Generators. “All 63 generator sets will offer important advantages both in terms of fuel consumption and from an environmental point of view, specifically meeting the emission levels of the European Union’s anti-pollution regulations,” Genua concludes.

And Scania

We are proud to have contributed to the success of this major national competition. This is undoubtedly the result of excellent synergy with Bruno Generators in terms of development and design,” says Paolo Carri, Power Solutions Director at Italscania. “Scania renews its commitment and support to the Vigili del Fuoco (the Fire Brigade), providing a solution with unmatched levels of safety and reliability,” Carri concludes.


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