The participation of Dana at Agritechnica allowed the company to showcase a brand-new range of innovative products. Dana electric drivetrain solutions include the new Spicer e-Axles and e-Gearboxes for telehandlers as well as field sprayers.

All this results from the US company’s modular approach for seamlessly packaging hybrid and electric drivetrain solutions into current internal combustion vehicle architectures.


Dana electric drivetrain solutions for telehandlers…

Designed for telehandlers with load capacities up to 3,000 kg, Spicer electrified e-Axles leverage Dana’s industry-leading lineup of motors, inverters and controls to provide electrified propulsion within established vehicle architectures.

Dana electric drivetrain
Telehandler with Dana Spicer Electrified


Dana has also developed the Spicer Electrified e-Gearbox, which features a compact design that manages high input speeds, provides superior power density, improves mechanical efficiency, and offers a precision-engineered interface for connecting high-performance motors.


…and for field sprayers

Dana also offersa full range of Spicer torque-hub wheel drives for sprayers that provides 11,000 to 26,000 Nm of drive torque. They have a compact design with a steerable four-wheel-drive configuration delivering exceptional maneuverability while minimizing crop damage.

Also, Spicer torque-hub wheel drives can be easily integrated with central tire inflation systems (CTIS). Engineers have combined Spicer torque-hub technology with high-performance electric motors from the Dana portfolio to deliver an electric drive system for field sprayers with superior efficiency.

Additionally, Dana offers Brevini-brand pumps, hydraulic integrated circuits, sensors and electronic controls to optimize the performance of sprayer work functions.

Dana electric drivetrain
Field Sprayer with Dana Spicer Electrified


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